Angie Kent shares heartbreak over loss of best friend Tom: 'Goodbye for now'

"Goodbye for now, not forever my prince."

Angie Kent has taken to Instagram to share her heartbreak over the loss of her best friend Tom, who she described as like family.

Tom, who was just 42, had Down syndrome and diabetes and lived with Angie and her Gogglebox co-star Yvie Jones in Sydney for three years, with the former Bachelorette acting as his carer.

Former Bachelorette Angie Kent and her best friend Tom
Former Bachelorette Angie Kent has shared her heartbreak over the loss of her best friend Tom, who was like family to her. Photo: Instagram/Angie Kent

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Angie shared with her followers the reason she's been a bit quieter lately, writing, "I've been quiet on here since I found out the news of the passing of one of my best friends. Shock, mourning, grieving and feeling all the feels! I think it's important to take time and stay present."

Angie also shared a reel featuring videos and photos of herself with Tom over the years.


"I’m going to say one of my final farewells not through my average style of a lengthy novel about how much pure joy you brought to my life over the last 11 years, not just as a housemate, or support worker but as my best friend and family, or go on about how much I am going to miss you that it hurts my actual heart, but inevitably and ever so ‘Tom-like’ through music, videos, images and our deliciously inappropriate sayings!" she wrote.

"Goodbye for now, not forever my prince."

"Angie I’m just so sorry. Sending you and @yvie_jones buckets of love," Alisha Aitken-Radburn commented.

"Much love to you sweetheart," Rebecca Gibney added.

"Oh darling, I am so sorry. Sending all the love to you and @yvie_jones xx," Alex Nation wrote.

"Oh hun, I’m so incredibly sorry for you @yvie_jones loss," Clare Verrall added. "Your friendship meant the world to him & was beautiful to watch. He was a beautiful soul."

"Yours and @yvie_jones stories of Tom on your podcast are my absolute FAVE! So sorry to hear," one follower said.

"Oh this is heartbreaking, sending you so much love and strength," another wrote.

Yvie also shared a post for Tom, writing, "This is a hard announcement. I will always remember you and our time Tom. You were larger than life and touched everyone you met. Please look for my mum and Leo. They’ve both been waiting for you."

Yvie Jones, Tom and Angie Kent
Tom lived with Angie and her Gogglebox co-star Yvie Jones in Sydney for three years. Photo: Instagram/Angie Kent

Speaking of their friendship on The Project in 2019, Angie said, "I'm there to help him with his diabetes to get him up in the morning and to help him have a healthy routine."

Tom's mother Rachel Haggett set up the living arrangement with Angie taking care of Tom in exchange for rent, with the mum telling the show, "She's not just The Bachelorette she's a very caring responsible young woman, she's very skilled at being a supportive person and a good friend."

Angie described the relationship as like a "crazy dysfunctional family but it just worked".

"It's one of those things where it doesn't feel like work because there is so much love, you are like a family.

Rachel shared how the arrangement allowed her son to enjoy life more and wished it was an option for more people, "If you could get more support then I think more families would do it."

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