The Amazing Race teams reveal what really happens at the pit stop

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It's the only time The Amazing Race teams have any kind of break from the cameras, but while you might have thought there was mingling, catching up, or even alliance-forming happening at each Pit Stop, turns out there definitely isn't.

As the race heats up on our screens, a few of the eliminated contestants have revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle just exactly what goes on when the cameras are no longer rolling.

the amazing race pit stop

Amazing Race contestants just want to make it to the Pit Stop. Photo: Channel Ten

"We do get down time at the pit stop but we have to stay together as a team and we have to isolate from everybody," says Jobelle, who raced with her father Rani.

"So we didnt really get contact with the other teams.

The Father Daughter duo became the fifth team to leave the race after they were defeated by a difficult ocean challenge.

"I realised up until now I've been scared of open deep water. The last few legs we were in the middle of the pack smashing everything, and then came undone in the water challenge," Rani tells us.

the amazing race team jobelle and rani

Jobelle and Rani were the fifth team to be eliminated. Photo: Channel Ten

Parents Shane and Deb were clear front runners in the race before they were sadly forced to withdraw becuase of an old injury to Shane's knee.

The couple say they definitely didn't get too much down time from the cameras, confirming that "what you see is what you get".

"You're getting mic-ed up at 5am or 6am in the morning and then the cameras are rolling until we get back to our room," Deb tells us.

"The cameras keep rolling after the pit stop, they follow us to the room until you literally plonk down exchausted."


Shane also confirmed teams remained isolated from other contestants once they were there.

"Once you get back to where you're staying you have to keep to yourself," he says, adding production crews gave them a small camera if you want to record anything else.

the amazing race shane injury

Shane had to withdraw over an old knee injury. Photo: Channel Ten

For mums Jude and Shannon, who were the third team to leave the race, having cameras following them everywhere was quickly forgotten once the race actually kicked off.

"Shannon and I forgot completely about the cameras within a minute," Jude tells us. "They are just running the whole time and for us certainly what you see if what you get. 

"It's not until you get to the pit stop and then you do your after interviews that the light comes off."

Though they admit they are glad not everything made it to air.

"I was constantly like 'Jude I'm busting to go to the toilet' , 'Jude I need to go to the toilet' and we knew that could have all been on TV, so lucky they cut that out," Shannon muses.

the amazing race mums Jude and Shannon with host beau ryan

Mums Jude and Shannon were the third team eliminated. Photo: Channel Ten

The mums agreed the physical challenges were the most stressful for them, with one of the hardest things they had to do not even being one of the actual tasks.

"The worst challenge was actually the very first challenge physically. And they didn't even show the worst part which was climbing the scaffolding to get up to the basketball swinging challenge," Shannon recalls.

And Jude adds: "Shannon said to me 'I expected Beau to be standing at the top of that scaffoling and say congrats here is your next clue, that's how hard it was and we haven't even started the swing."

the amazing race clues in the sand

The Amazing Race winner takes home $250K. Photo: Channel Ten

The remaining teams will continue to race their way across the country for a chance at a whopping $250,000 grand prize.

Returning host Beau Ryan previously told Yahoo Lifestyle that aside from a few concerns when filming began, COVID did not put a dampener on things.

“There was some angst and stress early on with quarantine and testing,” he says.

“But we had a risk assessment crew and we followed all the protocols correctly and got the show made,” he adds proudly.

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