'It was awful!': Amanda Keller's disastrous dinner party with Lisa Wilkinson

Gillian Wolski
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Amanda Keller fed Lisa Wilkinson mashed potato with dog hair. Photo: Channel 10.

She may be a longstanding member of Aussie TV’s A-list but Amanda Keller isn’t about to waste good food.

The Living Room host has revealed how she ‘scooped up’ a bowl of mashed potato that had dropped on the floor and served it to her dinner party guests, dog hair and all.

And not only that - one of the diners happened to be a fellow star, Lisa Wilkinson, who dutifully tucked into the spoiled dish, ‘crunchy topping’ and all.

The Gold Logie winner kicked off the brand new season of Hughesy, We Have A Problem with the stunning confession, leaving her panellists and host Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes aghast.

“It was awful,” Amanda recalled in a segment called ‘Pin the Problem’ where Hughesy has to match his guests with their secret shame.

She explained that she’d intended to ‘get ahead’ by making the mashed potato earlier in the day then heat it up in the microwave before her guests - including Lisa - arrived.

Lisa with Amanda and author Georgie Dent in November 2019. Photo: Instagram/lisa_wilkinson.

But after ‘a thousand drinks,’ Amanda’s plan went awry with the freshly warmed mash ending up on the floor instead of the dining table.

“Everyone saw it, it landed at their feet!” she admitted as Tommy Little, one of her co-panellists, cringed beside her.

What happened next was an ‘out of body experience’ in which Amanda scooped up the offending meal - which was dusted in ‘dog hairs’ - and plopped it back in the bowl.

“[I] just brazened my way through,” she laughed.

The dinner party faux pas, however, was news to Lisa who told news.com.au she didn’t realise the journey the mash had taken before reaching her plate.

“[Amanda] never told us!” she said.

“We thought the crunchy topping was some sort of garnish. Then again, dinner at Amanda’s is usually boozy enough to ensure that any side order of roasted germs that came with the potatoes would have been killed off.”

All’s well that ends well, it seems, with Lisa, Amanda and a pal, author Georgie Dent, snapping a sweet selfie back in November 2019.

Hughesy, We Have A Problem airs on Mondays at 9.00 pm on Channel 10.

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