Kyle Sandilands grills Allison Langdon during Today interview: ‘Just tell us’

Radio shock-jock Kyle Sandilands has grilled Today host Allison Langdon during an interview about Jackie O's surprising announcement she would be taking a break from radio.

Today's Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon were interviewing Kyle on the breakfast program about his co-host's major announcement on Monday morning before he turned the interview onto Allison.

Kyle demanded Allison answer questions about recent speculation she was replacing Tracy Grimshaw as the host of A Current Affair.

He did not dance around the question, bluntly asking the host: "Are you doing A Current Affair or not?"

Allison tried to deflect from the question, responding: "I am going to do the Today show, do A Current Affair and coach the Wallabies and I reckon I can be the Premier of Victoria."

Kyle Sandilands grills Allison Langdon during an interview on the Today show.
Allison Langdon was forced to address A Current Affair rumours while she was being grilled by Kyle Sandilands. Source: Today

Kyle however did not let up and continued to probe the host about the speculation.

"Are you doing A Current Affair or has Jackie gone off to do A Current Affair? Just tell us. Have they spoken to you about A Current Affair?" he questioned.

"I think this might be Jackie's gig. I sit next to this face, and who could leave this face?" Allison said, signalling to her co-host Karl.

Cutting through the jokes, Kyle once again asked, "Are you doing it or not?", to which Allison responded, "No", putting to bed recent speculation.


After Tracy Grimshaw announced in September that she would be stepping down as the host of A Current Affair, a number of popular Australian journalists and presenters have been tipped as her replacement.

Allison was reportedly the current favourite to take over the role, which sources said could be a “consolation prize” following an incident on the Today show.

Allison, who is the daughter-in-law of former ACA host Mike Willesee, suffered a gruesome injury while filming a hydrofoiling stunt on the show last February.

A new report in The Daily Telegraph claims that the accident may help her land the ACA hosting gig against frontrunners Deb Knight, Chris O’Keefe, Sarah Abo and Sylvia Jeffreys.

“Nine may be inclined to mitigate any future compensation payout due to Langdon by giving her ACA,” the publication alleged.

However, it appears Allison is not planning to leave the breakfast program any time soon.

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