Aldi's luxe Christmas food range is back with some new surprises: 'So delicious'

Everyone wants to add a bit of luxury to their festive feasts, which is why Aldi's premium Curated Collection food range was such a hit last year.

Whether they were gifts for foodie friends or graced the table when guests came over, some of the most desirable products in the range quickly became hard to find last Christmas.

So it's little wonder that Aldi has not only brought the range back but also expanded it.

Aldi's Curated Collection range
Aldi's Curated Collection not only looks good but tastes fabulous as well, with a wide variety of products for both the sweet and savoury toothed. Photo: Supplied

The opulent festive treats and gifts not only come in a wide range of flavours and styles but are affordable luxuries, starting from as little as $3.99.

Back this year are luxurious fruit cakes ($4.49 for the small and $11.29 large) alongside an extraordinary 12-month aged pudding ($14.99).

While Aldi's Christmas Puddings and Fruit Mince Pies ($6.99) were rated number one in the Canstar Most Satisfied Customer Awards 2021, it's the shoppers whose opinions really count.

Fruit mince pie, all butter Scottish shortbread, gourmet nougats
Authentic British fruit mince pie, all butter Scottish shortbread and locally sourced gourmet nougats. Photo: Supplied

"Bought a box of these today at Aldi," one happy customer wrote about the Curated Collection fruit mince pies. "Made in the UK and infused with cognac & brandy. My only complaint is I should have bought 2 boxes. "Very nice indeed. As good as me dear old mum used to make. Well... almost," she added.

Another raved about the Christmas cake. "I can attest that the fruit cake is so delicious! Almost like how my mum makes, and it takes her all year to make it!"

Fudge, soft nougat, caramels and traditional British Christmas fruit cake
Five different flavours of fudge, three flavours of soft nougat, caramels and traditional British Christmas fruit cake for entertaining. Photo: Supplied

The collection is beautifully presented, making it easy to gift to the foodies in your life.

"The packaging looks great too!! Perfect for hamper gifts!" one person shared to an Aldi fans Facebook group.


For those who love sweet treats, there is a huge range of flavours and styles to choose from.

Scottish shortbread tins ($9.99 - $10.99), luxury butterscotch ($5.99), decadent fudge ($4.99) in flavours such as Clotted Cream, Canadian Maple and Gingerbread, salted caramels ($6.99), handcrafted honeycomb ($4.99) – yum, yum yum.

Salted caramel chocolates, sweet crispbreads
The salted caramel chocolates were a hit last year, the sweet crispbreads are perfect for guests - and who doesn't love fudge? Photo: Supplied

As one person wrote about the fudge after planning to sample some: "I've just eaten half a bag... oopsies!"

Those who prefer savoury snacks don't have to miss out, with wild Australian olives ($5.99), Wagyu beef biltong ($19.99) and a beautiful range of finishing vinegars ($6.99) perfect for every gourmand.

Delicious treats in the range include:

  • Gourmet Nougat 150g $4.99

  • Sweet Crispbreads 150g $5.99

  • Chocolate Salted Caramel Box 180g $6.99

  • New! Premium Loose Leaf Tea 100g $8.99

  • New! Flavoured Scottish Shortbread Rounds 150g $9.99

  • Scottish Shortbread Fingers 360g $10.99

  • Mixed Nuts Gift Jar 400g $13.99

  • Christmas Fruit Cake 200g $4.49

  • Christmas Fruit Cake 800g $11.29

  • 12mth Vintage or Gluten Free Christmas Pudding 700g $14.99

  • Mediterranean Style Dukkah 100g $3.99

  • Premium Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375ml $5.99

  • Vinegar Finishing 250ml $6.99

  • Curated Collection Luxury Australian Wagyu Beef Biltong 180g $19.99

Australian wild olives, Mediterranean style dukkah
Australian wild olives and Mediterranean style dukkah add bursts of flavour to your savoury offerings. Photo: Supplied

"We're excited to be bringing back our luxurious Curated Collection, allowing more Australians to treat themselves and their loved ones to a special festive celebration without breaking the bank," Aldi Shopping Expert Kylie Warnke says.

"Working with our partners across Australia and abroad, we have collated a range of premium, decadent flavours that have quickly become loved by our customers and are sure to surprise and delight anyone spending Christmas with Aldi for the first time this year."

Aldi's premium Curated Collection will be available in stores from Wednesday 26 October.

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