Mum's 'genius' idea using simple Aldi appliance: 'Best hack ever!'

A savvy mum has come up with a nifty way to create cute and easy ‘lunchbox snacks’, using an unusual Aldi appliance.

The shopper uses Aldi’s $39 samosa maker to make mini triangle cakes, apple turnovers, quiches and more.

L: Hand holding a triangle cake. R: Aldi cake mix with small triangle cakes
The Aldi samosa maker is perfect for making snacks. Photo: Facebook

Emma Mansell shared how she turned a box of Aldi’s chocolate muffin mix into convenient snacks on a popular Facebook group.

“Stoked with my samosa maker purchase,” she wrote alongside photos of the process. “I got it to make lunchbox snacks for the kids. One Aldi muffin mix makes 30-31 mini triangle cakes and only takes a few minutes.”


She elaborated more on her cooking process in the comments.

“I sprayed [the appliance] with oil top and bottom, filled it whilst cold then closed and turned [it] on. Takes around five minutes I think, but I checked a few times with a skewer,” she explained.

Chocolate muffin batter in a samosa maker
The bite-sized snacks were ready in five minutes. Photo: Facebook

“I’m making triangle everything to justify my purchase,” she quipped.

According to the mum, the texture of the treat is the same as a regular baked chocolate muffin.

Her post was extremely popular, gaining over 2,000 reactions and hundreds of comments.

Many mums also chimed in with innovative recipe ideas of their own.

“We do everything snacky in our samosa maker. Mini omelettes, pancakes, cakes, ham and cheese puffs, feta and spinach puffs. Love it. I’m yet to buy the bigger one though,” one commented.

“Thank you! Straight to Aldi yesterday for my new gadget. Banana pancakes for my kids first thing this morning,” another said.

“I used the 99c vanilla cake mix and made them into lamingtons, the kids loved them,” added a third.

L: Pancakes in a samosa maker. R: Apple turnovers on a plate
Other mums shared how they had made pancakes and apple turnovers in the appliance. Photo: Facebook

Others praised Emma for her ‘genius’ idea, with some saying it was the best ‘hack’ they had ever seen.

“Wow! After reading all these comments, I need a samosa maker!” commented a fellow shopper.

“This is the most aesthetically pleasing thing I’ve seen in ages,” another remarked.

“You’re so clever…brilliant idea,” added a third.

“This is the best ALDI life hack EVER!” a fourth commented, before joking: “When they finally pry this contraption from my hands, my family will have a fear of triangles!”

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