'Best $25 ever spent!': Shoppers rave over 'amazing' Aldi Special Buy

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A surprising budget buy from Aldi is being dubbed the supermarket’s ‘best ever’ sale item in ecstatic online reviews.

The German supermarket is renowned for selling quality items at staggeringly low prices as part of their Special Buys weekly catalogue.

The Aldi Visage Hair Volume Styler brush for $24.99 is being hailed as the supermarket's best Special Buy yet. Photo: Facebook

Now it looks like their famous annual ski sale and the Caviar Cream craze have some competition for most loved sales, and it comes from an innocuous-looking hairbrush.

$25 Aldi Visage Rotating Hair Volume Styler Brush ‘best ever’

The Aldi Visage Rotating Hair Volume Styler Brush is a combination of hairdryer and styler that retails for just $25.

Aldi’s Visage range has had success with a plain drying hairbrush and straightener in the past, but with rave reviews rolling in for the rotating styler brush it looks like they may be about to win over a very loyal fan base.

Competing with established, if very expensive brands like Dyson whose hair products retail for up to $699, it looks like Aldi is pulling off its old trick of offering a no-frills version of a high-end product for about $500 cheaper.

The product claims to dry and style hair in one step, promising quick and effective results.

Rave reviews for Visage Styler Brush Special Buy

'Gosh I love Aldi': One woman shared her brush with a gushing review. Photo: Facebook

Having gone on sale in late April, reviews have begun rolling in and it looks like the rotating brush styler is going home with an A+.

“I love it,” one woman wrote. “Saves me time and is very easy to use.”

“Best $25 ever spent!” another agreed.

“I’ve got one. I love it,” another shared. “Literally gives me a ‘hairdresser style blowdry’.”

“It's amazing,” one happy shopper put it simply.

A YouTube video from one happy lady showed the brush's staggering results. Photo: YouTube/ PhotoPick

A video review showed off the styling abilities of the brush, leaving onlookers seriously impressed.

The tool also comes with a three-year warranty, not a bad deal on a product that costs under $30 in a market flooded with staggering price tags.

It’s yet another feather in Aldi’s cap this month, after their pots and pans widely considered quality dupes of the high-end Le Creuset cast iron cooking range hit shelves to the delight of shoppers last week.

With items like these known to sell out in minutes, a handy hack shared by a mum to Facebook this week may come in handy ahead of next weekend’s sale.

"Not sure if any of you know, but if you message Aldi on Facebook and type 'Get Started' it'll bring up a few weeks of special buy catalogue dates,” she revealed online. “Just click what you want and type your postcode it'll see if any stores within 20km have stock!"

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