‘Best ever!’: Aldi’s $26 dupe of $400 item hits shelves

Aldi fans are sure to be flocking to stores next week after the budget supermarket announced their cast iron cookware range, often compared to a high-end $500 range, will be hitting shelves.

The supermarket has announced they will be selling their Crofton cookware as part of the store’s Special Buys on March 30, a wildly popular range featuring cast iron saucepans, pots and skillets – all notorious sell-out items.

Crofton french pot $27 in red compared to Le Creuset stew pot for $400
Aldi's french pot is a winner in a range of colours and sells for $27. Photo: Aldi

Many have compared the range to high-end brand Le Creuset. The French range sells pots and pans also in cast iron and in a variety of colours, and receives rave reviews, though you’ll need to pay an arm and a leg to give them a whirl yourself.

The Le Creuset $295 shallow stew pot in red
The Le Creuset stew pot retails at $295, but receives glowing reviews. Photo: Peter's of Kensington

The famous casserole dish will set you back a cool $400, while saucepans and skillets sit around the $300 mark.

Aldi brand called ‘dupe’ of Le Creuset

Aldi’s very similar range predictably retails for far less and has been described as a ‘dupe’, or budget version, of the European brand.

All the items in the range are available for under $30, with the $26 casserole the most expensive available.

Aldi Crofton cast iron fry pan Le Creuset budget option
The cast iron fry pan retails at $17. Photo: Aldi

The Crofton fry pan retails for just $17, while the Dutch oven, a casserole dish, will set shoppers back $25.

Meanwhile, the saucepan will cost you just $20.

Aldi cast iron Crofton saucepan with handle $25 instead of Le Creuset $260
The saucepan is $20 and chic in navy blue. Photo: Aldi

Each pot is available in a range of four colours including cream, deep blue, red and black.

‘The best value for money’: Shoppers weigh in on Crofton

The range has received mainly positive reviews online, and while it doesn’t claim to compete with the extremely high-end French brand, it will give you the same look while shaving around $375 off your bill.

On productreview.com.au the items have scored mainly five stars from delighted customers.

“I have 5 pieces from this brand from Aldi and they are very good products! They are non stick they easily can be washed and are [an] affordable price when they are on special!” one review read.

Another called it the ‘best non-stick pan I’ve ever used’.

“This is the best fry pan I have ever bought in 50 years of marriage,” another agreed.

“Best value for money by far!” another wrote.

Less favourable reviews from a few years back report handles heating up, and paint and interior coating peeling. Many reported newer versions of the pans to have improved drastically.

Most warn, however, that the pans won’t come with the same longevity you get with a $400 price tag.

Many love the pans but report replacing them every few years as wear and tear leave them a little shabby around the edges.

Aldi’s cult buy items racing high-end giants

Bakewell, Derbyshire, UK. A new supermarket by the German company Aldi opened in the Peak District in the market and tourist attraction town of Bakewell.
Aldi stores are known for competing with big brands with low prices. Photo: Getty Images

It’s not the first Aldi dupe to become something of a cult buy.

Their take on the La Prairie $500 face cream is famous from selling out and often prompting shopping frenzies.

The $19 Caviar Illumination Day Cream and Night Cream is widely considered a high-quality dupe of La Prairie’s $700 luxury beauty cream.

With items like these known to sell out in minutes, a handy hack shared by a mum to Facebook this week may come in handy ahead of next weekend’s sale.

"Not sure if any of you know, but if you message Aldi on Facebook and type 'Get Started' it'll bring up a few weeks of special buy catalogue dates,” she revealed online. “Just click what you want and type your postcode it'll see if any stores within 20km have stock!"

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