'Amazing' $25 Aldi straightening brush hits Special Buys this week

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Aldi's Special Buys hair straightening brush for $25 on sale October 23rd
Aldi's hair straightening brush is making a comeback, and it's only $25. Photo: Aldi

It looks like the upcoming Aldi Special Buys are set to cause a frenzy again with a jaw-dropping hair-care offering already sending ripples through bargain-hunting communities.

Anyone with a vague interest in taming a mane of unruly locks will have heard of the hair straightening brush, but most likely balked at the standard $230 price tag.

Now Aldi is selling their take on the time-saving smoother for the unheard-of price tag of just $25, and it goes on sale this Wednesday, October 23rd.

If you’re raising your eyebrow at the probable quality of such a cheap take on a typically bank-breaking item, you may want to suspend your disbelief.

Aldi hair straightening brush already at cult buy status

Shoppers have taken to social media to rave about the product, comparing it to its expensive counterparts and creating a growing interest in the brush that could see a second coming of the Caviar Cream craze that rocked Australian suburban shopping outlets last month.

One woman wrote she purchased the product last time it hit shelves, and had nothing but praise.

“Purchased last time, black version. Absolutely love it,” she shared.

“The one I have from the last time is AMAZING,” another gushed.

Some warned that like all hair-straightening brushes, the product won’t give you Morticia-Addams’ level straightness, but insisted it was still a must-have.

“I love it as it’s easy and convenient to use when in rush,” one woman said. “But it doesn't give you dead-straight hair.”

Another agreed, explaining the effect is more blow-out than straight-down.

“If you like well kept but not dead straight yes. Think more blow dry styled,” the woman said.

Aldi straightening brush an international hit

A US woman let the results do the talking with an impressive before and after comparison. Photo: Facebook/ The ALDI Nerd
A US woman let the results do the talking with an impressive before and after comparison. Photo: Facebook/ The ALDI Nerd

A US version of the brush has also garnered favourable reviews, with one woman sharing a before and after shot that speaks for itself.

Over in the UK, the product was also a big hit.

One woman’s review was so positive, she prefaced her review by saying she wasn’t being paid by the supermarket.

“It’s never been so quick and easy to tame my wild, curly hair! I don't see how a more expensive one could do a better job,” she explained.

How does it stack up to expensive alternatives?

The GHD equivalent comes in at $230, but also has rave reviews. Photo: GHD
The GHD equivalent comes in at $230, but also has rave reviews. Photo: GHD

The reviews are in keeping with feedback on more expensive models, with most customers agreeing the brush has a slightly different effect to a traditional straightener.

If a sharp straight-up-and-down ‘do is more your cup of tea, however, the budget retailer is also selling a traditional straightener with a detachable curling wand for a mere $30.

The straightener has attracted a more mixed bag of reviews, with some loving the cheap alternative, and others arguing the heat setting won’t give you a sleek straighten.

“I have had a GHD, a Remington, 2 Vidal Sassoon, a Breville...ranging from a $50 to a $250 straightener. This Aldi one so far beats them all hands down,” one fan wrote.

Another disagreed, explaining she had returned the product.

“I had one but returned it. I found it didn't get very hot,” she argued.

With most reviews falling on the more positive side, and the price tag a fraction of a classic straightener looks like these will be joining the brushes as the must-have from next week’s sale.

We recommend you get your frizzy hair down bright and early because we’re betting these babies will be gone in a heartbeat.

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