Aldi shoppers rush to snap up $6.99 item that usually costs $60

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Aldi shoppers are going wild for a $6.99 item. Photo: Getty Images

Nothing beats nabbing an Aldi Special Buy that brings you big savings - especially when the item usually retails for a much higher price.

Aldi fans are “over the moon” with the latest Special Buy that hit stores on Saturday, December 4 after spotting an item that usually retails for $60 for just $6.99.

Eagle-eyed Aldi fans spotted packs of 24 stainless steel pegs on sale at the German supermarket giant for a fraction of the cost of the usual price.

“I was thrilled to buy three packs of these today at Aldi Kangaroo Flat, Bendigo,” one excited shopper wrote on an Aldi enthusiast’s Facebook page.

“They retail for around $60 a pack online, so I’m over the moon to buy them for such a cheap price locally.”

Aldi Pegs
The Aldi pegs have been a big hit online. Photo: Facebook

'It's a really good saving'

Others were equally as impressed with the savings from the Easy Home brand particularly because they are 316 marine grade stainless steel - meaning they don’t rust.

They are also made with heavy-duty thickness and size for maximum hold on clothes and are 100% recyclable.


Others said they found the Aldi brand to not only be cheaper but ‘excellent quality’ weighing more than other cheap brands and work really well against the elements.

“Fabulous quality...they are double the weight of the cheapies.....yes I did weigh them..the difference was unbelievable!” one happy shopper said.

“These are awesome! Stronger than my other ones,” confirmed another.

“I paid $150 for 320 of them so this is very cheap!” Said a third, with another adding: “These are fantastic pegs. I bought two lots last year.”

There’s one downside

Although most who purchased the pegs from Aldi said they loved them, some said they didn’t stop sheets from bunching together in windy weather.

“No good with sheets they don't grip hard enough. Get a windy day and it bunches up,” one person said.

Others agreed saying they hadn’t had a good experience with heavy items.

“I found them useless to hang on to large or heavy items, as most are heavy wet,” One person agreed.

“I was gonna say the same, always bunching up, I use a variety of different pegs but these are my least fave because of this issue,” added another.

Despite the annoyance of some, other Aldi shoppers said they'd never had an issue, even in “windy conditions” but it all came down to the type of clothesline you had with plastic lines appearing to work better than wire lines.

Why are they so popular?

Stainless steel pegs picked up quite the following when they came on the clothes washing seen as a more sustainable option.

They quickly became popular for being much more sturdy than plastic pegs - which tend to break after being out in the elements - and last a lot longer.

Aldi Pegs
The Aldi pegs are resistant to rust and corrosion even if left outside and exposed to the harshest environment. Source: Aldi

But you do need to take care of them - especially if you live in coastal areas. While they are unaffected by wind, rain and heat, if you live in a salty coastal setting, it’s always best to bring them inside.

Where you can score them

If you happen to miss out on these snappy little Special Buys from Aldi, here’s where you can score some for a good price.

Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs 20pack - $12.68

Stainless steel pegs

Sabco Stainless Steel Pegs 15 Pack - $9

Stainless steel pegs

Laundry Pegs Pack of 60 - $25.99

Stainless steel pegs
Laundry Pegs Pack of 60. Source: Amazon

Pacific Air Stainless Steel Pegs 26 pack - $11.95

Stainless steel pegs
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