Aldi $3 bathroom cleaner hailed as the 'best product ever'

Move over Di-San, there’s a new budget cleaning product from Aldi that has been praised as the ‘best cleaning product ever!’

Budget retailer Aldi is known for its cheap, yet very effective products particularly when it comes to cleaning.

Aldi logo sign in Northampton town centre.
Aldi is known for budget products, but the Green Action brand has been labelled "the best" shower cleaner on the market. Source: Getty Images

For years shoppers have been raving about the incredible stain removing power of the store’s wonder-product Di-San.

The pre-wash stain remover has picked up a cult following and is used to clean everything from shower screens to stubborn grout stains.

But there appears another Aldi cleaning product fetching rave reviews and developing a very similar following.


One shopper recently shared the results of her new favourite Aldi cleaning product - Green Action bath and shower cleaner which retails for just $3.

“Best shower cleaning product ever.... under $3,” she wrote on a popular Aldi fans Facebook page alongside a picture of the product.

Aldi Shower cleaner
Introducing the latest budget cleaner from Aldi that's quickly developed a cult following. Source: Facebook.

The secret is out

But surprisingly, dozens had already caught on to the new cult buy too saying they 100 percent agree that it's a winning product.

“You got that right, it’s fantastic, I wouldn’t use anything else,” one person agreed.

“It has made my life easier,” added another.

"Ssshhhh don't tell 'em," Joked a third.

The budget cleaning product is a plant-based cleaner and is certified eco-friendly. So it’s pretty impressive that it works so well on soap scum, grime and even stains.

And just like Di-San pre-wash stain remover, shoppers have discovered some incredible hacks for the cleaning product too.

“This is the best for cleaning stains off rugs also. I use this on my white rug at home and does wonders,” one woman shared, while another added: “It’s great for tile grout too!”

Aldi fans have been raving about Di San for years. Photo: Facebook
Aldi fans have been raving about Di San for years. Photo: Facebook

There's one thing shoppers should know

But there was one downside to the miracle product - the smell.

The cleaning product contains 'lime fragrance', and while some said the cleaning power was incredible the smell wasn't so great.

“No one else thinks this smells like cat pee?” one person asked on the post.

“I purchased a surface spray and my family would say the kitchen smelt like a urinal,” added another.

“I had to stop using it, couldn't stand the scent,” another shared.

However, others had a great solution to keep using the effective cleaner, even if the smell was hard to handle.

“Yes it's Brilliant if it smells add some lavender to the water or cut a lemon and add the juice,” she suggested.

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