Aldi air fryer Christmas ham glaze that's 'so simple'

Christmas is stressful: finding perfect gifts for your nearest and dearest, finishing work so you can relax and choosing the perfect Christmas day outfit to look and feel great.

If you're hosting Christmas, or even Christmas Eve or Boxing day, it is the next level of stress.

Not only does your home need to look as festive as Santa's grotto, with a beautifully inviting table set with all your special occasion formal ware, but you must also have all the traditional fare ready for the hungry (and sometimes judgmental) hordes.

Luckily there are TikTokkers who are not only savvy at finding the best food at the supermarkets, but have all the helpful hints, recipes and hacks to make it as simple, fail-safe and quick as possible.

Step by step pictures from TikTok video of glazed ham being cooked in an air fryer and then served sliced.
Emily shows how easy it is to make a delicious Christmas ham. Photo: tiktok/@emilyclairwebster

Emily Clair Webster is one such poster who loves to share her Kmart and Aldi finds with her 16,700 followers.

In the run-up to Christmas, she is offering help to those stuck on what to buy and cook.

Her video for a quick and easy baked ham in an air fryer has gone down a treat on the social media site.


Emily uses a 2.1 kg pre-cooked ham from Aldi.

She coats it in brown sugar and air fries it for 30 minutes at 180 degrees.

Five or 10 minutes before it is finished, Emily glazes it with half a cup of honey and half a cup of butter.

"It's perfect for a small Christmas dinner party," Emily says.

"Use the leftover glaze as a sauce."

Her fans are so keen to try it out they are searching high and low in Aldi for the ham she suggests using.

"I tried to find this today, but could only find the little maple flavoured one in the box," Amy wrote.

Emily also suggests other Aldi buys to make Christmas special this year.

"You need to try Aldi's maple pancetta prawns," she says.

"These are super tasty and are perfect appetisers for holiday parties."

She also recommends Aldi's hazelnut or marzipan pralines which, she says, make great gifts or stocking stuffers.

Hopefully, she'll also recommend some post-Christmas weight-loss food!

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