Aldi shoppers divided as Special Buys pulled from some stores: 'So unfair'

Some shoppers in lockdown areas of NSW were left fuming today after Aldi pulled two popular Special Buys from stores.

The $499 Smart Thermo Cooker and the 16L Multifunction Air Fryer Oven, - both of which are highly sought after products - weren’t available to certain customers in NSW.

Aldi logo
Aldi has pulled Special Buys from lockdown areas of NSW. Photo: AAP

“Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions in NSW, we have removed the below products from NSW stores in lockdown areas to avoid the chance of unnecessary queues,” Aldi wrote on Facebook.

While the move was applauded by some, others were left unimpressed.

“That's so unfair! What's the point of special buys then,” one person wrote.


“That is so unfair , people will remember this, your making it hard and unfair for some families,” another person said.

“WOW thanks a lot Aldi. First my pasta laminator doesn't work on first use and now you're withholding products cause I live in an area of concern. At least add these items to the online order products. Slowly losing me as a customer,” a customer wrote.

Aldi Thermo Cooker and Aldi MultiFunction Air Fryer Oven
The Thermo Cooker and Air Fryer are highly sought after products. Photo: Facebook/Aldi

However, others were a fan of the move, saying “the attitude of people here is a joke” in the comments section.

“Aldi has made responsible decisions in the public interest to eliminate the likelihood of people not social distancing in queue. Aldi have sacrificed this avenue of profit. Rather than being thanked, Aldi has received a torrent of abuse from the self centred commenters herein because they have been denied their little bargains,” another commenter wrote.

It’s not the first time Aldi has stopped selling some it’s popular Special Buys in areas of concern.

Aldi Smart Thermo Cooker
The Thermo Cooker is being hailed as a game-changer online. Photo: Aldi
Aldi catalogue September 2021
The $499 item went on sale today. Photo:Aldi

Back in July Aldi was forced to pull their Wednesday and Saturday Special Buys in some lockdown areas, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

"As the lockdown continues, we have expanded our measures to protect our customers," Aldi Australia confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle in a statement.

"By analysing historic sales data, we are removing a range of high-demand Special Buys, like weighted blankets, TVs and outdoor furniture, from our Wednesday and Saturday on-sale dates in stores located in NSW lockdown areas. We will be communicating the products each week to our customers.

Aldi $149 Air Fryer
The $149 Air Fryer is also on sale today. Photo: Aldi

"We understand that specific Special Buys drive increased demand and we believe pulling these offers will reduce the reason for someone to leave their home outside of the need to do essential shopping. "

People online have put forward suggestions for Aldi to go online like many other retailers have done, so they will still be able to access the Special Buys.

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