Aldi shopper's hilarious 'moves' to keep up with speedy checkout

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An Aldi shopper has shared some of the 'moves' people can try in order to keep up with the speedy cashiers at the popular supermarket, and her hilarious clip has gone viral.

Everyone knows Aldi has one of the fastest checkout processes, encouraging customers to move to the packing bench on the side to sort their groceries into their bags so the line can keep moving. So Uyen, who posts on TikTok as @uyenthininh, decided to share some of the tricks she's tried.

aldi checkout hacks tiktok
This Aldi shopper had a few ideas. Photo: TikTok

"I tried and it work," she captioned the clip, which showed her demonstrated four different - and rather hilarious - techniques.

'The All In' shows her simply using a large sweeping motion to push all the groceries into her in one go.

Her second idea 'The Extra Hands' adds an extra pair of hands to help load groceries into the shopping bags.


Next up is 'The Slow Grandma', a trick Uyen guarantees will see the cashiers "have mercy on you".

Before the final trick is called 'The Giving Up' - possibly the most self explanatory and relatable of the lot.

The video has been viewed over 400K times with people loving - and relating - to many of the clips.

aldi shopper
Aldi checkouts are know for their speedy process. Photo: Getty

"Number One is seriously impressive though!" one person praised.

Though some said they hadn't had much success trying the ideas themselves.

"I have tried the Slow Grandma and the Giving Up, both didn’t work!" one recalled.

While others said they simply don't let themselves be rushed, with one writing: "I just fill it in at my own pace".

It comes after another Aldi shopper's controversial checkout hack recently went viral, but sparked a heated debate among other fans of the supermarket, with some thinking it was taking things just a little 'too far'.

"In your face Aldi," the shopper wrote on an image that was shared in the popular Aldi mum's Facebook group by another shopper. "Just so we got time to pack."

The photo showed all of the shopper's items spaced out along the conveyer belt so the worker would have to wait for each item to arrive before being able to scan it.

"Too funny," one person commented, while another simply called the idea: "Perfect".

But many others accused the shopper of being “selfish” and taking things "too far".

"That's just mean!" was one comment.

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