Aldi shopper 'shamed' at checkout over biscuit buy

An Aldi shopper has shared an outrageous interaction they had with a fellow customer while waiting in line at the checkout.

The woman took to Facebook to open up about the moment she was 'shamed' by a man for purchasing a pack of chocolate biscuits.

Exterior shot of an Aldi supermarket with a large sign
An Aldi shopper says she was 'shamed' for buying a pack of biscuits by another customer. Photo: Getty Images.

'Shamed' at the checkout

The woman was 'minding her own business' while loading her groceries onto the conveyor belt at the discount retailer when the incident happened.

"I put up one singular pack of chocolate biscuits," she wrote. "And this old man in front turns glacially on the spot, looks at the biscuits with utter concern in his eyes, looks at me with a raised brow in question, and says, 'I hope they aren't for you'."

The shopper went on to explain that she had recently lost 20kg and didn't need a 'random stranger' commenting on her physical appearance.

"Thanks, random stranger for caring about my weight.


Aldi chocolate biscuits on shelf in-store
The woman was able to see the funny side of the choccie biscuit incident. Photo: Aldi.

"I've just lost 20 kgs on my own through hard work and determination but your concern will surely help me lose another 20 by shaming me about a pack of biscuits."

The woman told Yahoo Lifestyle that she was eventually able to see the funny side of the situation.

"It didn't really bother me," she says. "I had a laugh about it once he left."

"When he said it [to me] I had no idea what to even say to him. How do you respond to something like that?" she adds.

After sharing her story on social media, the shopper was met with an outpouring of support.

"Gosh some people are so rude! Enjoy your chocolate biscuits and stuff him!" wrote one.

"Oh god he would hate to see my entire fortnight’s groceries," joked another.

"You can always lose weight but he's always going to be an arse," pointed out a third.

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