Aldi shopper crowned 'the real MVP' after joining toddler's tantrum

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A woman has been applauded online after joining a toddler when he had a ‘meltdown’ in the middle of an Aldi store.

The toddler’s mother took to Facebook to try and find the woman, calling the ‘real MVP’ for calming her son down when he was in the middle of a ‘tantrum’.

"To the lady who had a tantrum with my son today. I hope you're on here. Yep you read that right lol,” the woman started her post online.

Child holding on to a trolley in a supermarket
A mum has thanked a woman who came to the rescue during her son's 'tantrum' in Aldi. Photo: Getty Images

“So as we done the shopping my son did his usual thing where he has a meltdown because I didn't get a box of milk..instead i got fresh milk.”

The woman explained her son has Autism spectrum disorder and so he finds it hard to process change, writing: “So yip that was the meltdown reason”.

She said her son started stomping his feet and trying to talk, however it was mumbled because he has a speech delay.


“With and behold this lady comes up behind him and started copying him and pretending that the stomping was them riding a horse,” the woman explained.

“Tell you what it worked and he stopped and thought.. what the duckeroos going on with this one.”

She said the woman tried to speak to her but she has social anxiety to the point she actually cries if there are too many people in a shop.

“So if this was you.. you're the real mvp in Aldi today. And thank you for being your quirky self,” she wrote.

People took to the comments section to commend the woman for her quick-thinking behaviour, writing:” Love that another beautiful human was brave enough to literally try anything to help a mum out.”

“That didn’t end how I was expecting it to end! I’m so glad she was helpful, sooo many people these days aren’t,” another person said.

 Aldi store in Marsh Lane Bootle, Liverpool.
The mum called the woman 'the real MVP'. Photo: Getty Images

“As a mum to an ASD boy i was expecting this to be so different as i have copped it in the past badly but i'm glad you had someone who didn't judge and did her best to flip the situation for you,” another said.

Others recounted similar stories of their own, with one woman writing: “My daughter decided to go off the ricter because I wouldn't let her run havoc in ALDIand made her stay in the trolley.

“It was the beginning of covid and people were pretty on edge. So my daughter continues to scream her lungs out as I try to ignore her, because I am not driving 120 KMs just to go shopping again without her. As I was nearing the end this lady starts walking towards me and I'm all like, hell no lady, do not start on me.

“I was becoming quite agitated at this point lol. But low and behold she walked up to me and told me I was doing a great job and if that was her she would have lost it by the end of the first aisle then gave me a bunch of roses. She really does not understand how her kindness made me feel that day. That day unfortunately turned out to be the day I lost my partner as well but I will never forget how kind this lady was to me.”

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