Aldi responds to frenzy over cult item being 'discontinued': 'Devastated'

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"Maybe I am late on the uptake here but… I CANNOT BELIEVE this has been discontinued!!!" an Aldi fan posted on an Aldi mum's Facebook page about a laundry pre-wash stain degreaser. And by the amount of feedback on the page, she had hit on a popular product.

Fellow Aldi fans were quick to respond to the news about the Di San Pre Wash Stain Degreaser with 295 reactions and 344 comments before moderators turned commenting off.

Aldi and Di-San
Aldi's popular laundry degreaser. Photo: Aldi / Facebook

"I would be devastated if this was no longer available," a Queensland mum admitted. "My hubby is a truck driver and comes home with grease on his Hi-vis shirts all the time. This is the only cost-effective way to get the grease out... not to mention all the other things I've found to use it for! And it doesn't destroy my skin!" 

"Oh really, that’s the best product, have they replaced it?" another follower added. 

However, it all seems to be a storm in a teacup as a lot of the commenters pointed out that they had seen it in their store, just looking a little different, having received a makeover.


"It’s just in a different bottle now, bigger too!," one follower reassured. "This is what it looks like now I bought it 2 days ago," another added.

A lot of funny memes were added after that, of course, as fans were relieved to find the product hadn't been discontinued!

But it's hardly surprising this product is still on the shelves given it won a Choice recommendation in its category in 2019 meaning it scored highly in their independent quality testing.

Aldi has given their laundry pre-washes a make-over. Photo: Aldi / Facebook
Aldi has given their laundry pre-washes a make-over. Photo: Aldi / Facebook

"The award winning Di San Pre Wash Stain removers have been a customer favourite for many years, winning ALDI’s People’s Picks award three years in a row," an Aldi spokesperson tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

"We can assure customers that this product has certainly not been discontinued, but has instead received a makeover and a size upgrade. The spray bottle is now better than ever, receiving a new look with an easy to grip handle, a larger volume at 750ml, and the new packaging contains 30% recycled plastic, making it a winner all round!"

And you can expect more products to undergo the same treatment as Aldi continues to enhance and upgrade their products. 

"We are always looking for ways to improve our high-quality products for our customers without sacrificing their great price-points," the Aldi spokesperson adds. "We frequently redesign packaging whether it’s a simple refresh or a continuation of our commitment to reducing plastic and packaging across our product range."

Now that's a change we can buy in to.

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