Aldi $2.69 item that 'tastes like McDonald's' goes viral on TikTok

If you’ve ever found yourself tucking into a McDonald’s Big Mac and wondering just how you could make something as delicious at home yourself, then one TikToker has you covered.

Fitness coach Bec Hardgraves has documented how she makes a healthier alternative to the Big Mac at home using all Aldi products - and the end result is only 420 calories.

TikTok McDonald's hack
One woman has revealed her epic McDonald's hack. Photo: TikTok/bechardgrave

Bec gets all her ingredients for her burger at Aldi, where she says she found “brioche buns that taste literally like McDonald's”.

The $2.69 burger buns are topped with sesame seeds and as the description says are “enriched with eggs milk and butter for the perfect gourmet burger”.


Next she takes 100g of lean beef mince, rolls it up into a ball and pops it into the pan, To get a flat round shape, she takes a plate and presses down hard on the meatball when it’s in the pan.

$2.69 Brioche Burger Buns from Aldi
She uses the $2.69 Brioche Burger Buns from Aldi. Photo: TikTok/bechardgrave
Woman's McDonald's Aldi burger
She takes 100g of beef and melts cheese on it. Photo: TikTok/bechardgrave

Bec adds smokey cheddar cheese and burger sauce, raw onions and pickles.

It comes to 420 calories and contains 30grame of protein.

“Aldi have the best buns,” one person commented, while another said: “Aldi buns are the best. I love the cheeseburger buns with no seeds, good for homemade burgs.”

How to make a McDonald's burger at home
She tops it with onions, pickles and burger sauce. Photo: TikTok/bechardgrave
McDonald's burger made from Aldi items
The end result looks delicious. Photo: TikTok/bechardgrave

“Omg I’m trying this for dinner looks amazing yummy,” another person wrote.

Others recommended ways Bec could elevate the burger, saying they buy their pickles from Coles and they just like the Maccas ones.

Another person said Bec should get dehydrated onions and then rehydrate them “Macca’s style”.

Interestingly a few commenters said they actually buy the burger buns from Maccas and make the contents of the burger at home themselves.

“$4 for a pack of 6 gourmet buns and you can buy their English muffins too.”

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