TikToker dubbed 'hottest' Aldi worker goes viral

A German Aldi worker is going viral on TikTok after sharing a video of her lip-synching and dancing behind the cash register.

Elaine Victoria has been dubbed the "hottest Aldi worker ever" after sharing numerous videos of herself lip-synching to songs at work.

Aldi TikToker
A TikTok user has been labelled the 'hottest' Aldi worker after sharing videos of herself in her work uniform dancing behind the counter. Photo: TikTok/@elaine.victoria

While Elaine has plenty of videos where she's not in her Aldi uniform, they just aren't as popular as the ones where she's wearing her blue Aldi polo top.

One video, which sees her singing along to Jessie J's 'Wild', has been watched over 11 million times.


She explained in the caption that she does most of her videos at the Aldi checkout.

One user joked, "The Aldi boss has probably seen your videos on TikTok."

Another added, "What does your boss say about the cell phone at work?"

Some told the TikToker she should be a model. Photo: TikTok/@elaine.victoria
Some told the TikToker she should be a model. Photo: TikTok/@elaine.victoria

"I would do a lot of shopping so it would take a long time at the cash register," someone else said.

"I would buy 100kg of potatoes one by one if I saw you at the checkout in ALDI," another agreed.

"Can you come do a shift in Melbourne, Australia," one Aussie wrote.

Some users questioned which Aldi she worked at so they could come and visit, while others compared her to Scarlett Johansson.

"You should do Top Model," one user commented.

"I bet it takes two hours to get through the line at her checkout," another jokingly wrote.

"I've been here for two and a half hours, can you please serve me," someone else joked, while another agreed, writing, "Can you open another till? The line is up to the back of the store now."

Others commented that it was unlikely she was working in a UK Aldi store as she "wouldn't last" there.

An official Aldi page didn't seem to mind the dancing with the Aldi Süd page commenting with fire emojis.

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