Aldi mum’s hilarious reaction to ‘embarrassing’ family addition

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A mum has shared hilarious images online after deciding to “have some fun” with a present she bought from Aldi for her daughter’s birthday.

The woman, from the UK, shared photos of what she described as the “embarrassing new addition” to Facebook and they quickly went viral, with plenty of people loving her inclusion of ‘Kevin the Carrot’.

aldi kevin the carrot
'Kevin the Carrot' was a huge hit with her daughter. Photo: Facebook

“I was this parent today,” she wrote in a popular Aldi Mums group, explaining that her eldest daughter turns 10 on Christmas Day this year, but up until now hadn’t given her any ideas for a present.

“Yesterday she spotted this thing and to my utter dismay she said ‘I totally need this for my birthday’.”

The mum asked someone in Aldi how much the item was hoping it would be “far too much” to buy, but it ended up being within her price range.

So a few days later she returned to the store to buy the “ruddy thing”, but decided to “have some fun with it” first.

“Because I realise he’s going to be part of the family I thought I better embrace it and have some fun with him today before we find somewhere to hide him ready for her birthday,” she wrote.

“Please meet our new embarrassing addition.”

aldi kevin the carrot funny photos
Kevin does the vacuuming and uses the toilet. Photo: Facebook

What followed were a series of hilarious images of ‘Kevin’ getting to know his new surroundings and seemingly fitting right into the family.

From taking a toilet break to helping with the household chores, he even stopped for a nap in between.


The post quickly went viral getting over 300 likes in less than half an hour, with plenty of people loving the photos.

“This is gold! Made my day,” one person commented.

“He even vacuums! Pics are a total scream,” another wrote.

While a third said: “He needs his own page.”

aldi mum funny photos
Kevin takes a nap. Photo: Facebook

Some even suggested the images could even become part of the present for her daughter - or a present for a little down the track.

“You need to print these and make a book and give them to her as well,” one person wrote. “She will laugh when she is older.”

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