Aldi Australia makes huge permanent change to grocery range

Aldi Australia has announced it is making a huge permanent reduction to its grocery range, after research they conducted found one in five Australians felt they could not afford their weekly grocery shop.

Family staples such as free-range eggs, cheese, yoghurt, and porterhouse steak will go through price reductions of up to 30%.

Aldi Australia logo
Aldi has announced a permanent change to its grocery range. Photo: AAP

Aldi’s research also found that Aussies consider price more important to them than before the pandemic, with the findings claiming 43% of those surveyed were experiencing financial pressure.

“Our research shows nearly all (94.5%) Australians are actively looking to buy from and support local businesses, and we couldn’t be prouder of our partners’ phenomenal product quality,” Aldi Australia Managing Director, Oliver Bongardt, said.


“We are committed to our ongoing relationships with hundreds of Australian businesses – some of which have been with us since the beginning of our Australian operations.

“With COVID-19 impacting supply chains, we know the prices of some products have had to increase across the sector, but our mission here is simple – keep the cost of the weekly shop as low as it can be for our customers. That’s why we’ve focused on reducing the prices of the products that make up a regular weekly shop.”

Popular products such as Sunnyvale Table Spread 500g has been reduced to $1.39, 750g of Forresters Cashews are down to $12.99 and 200g of Jindurra Station Beef Porterhouse is $5.

Person shopping at Aldi with a shopping basket
Aldi’s research found that Aussies consider price more important to them than before the pandemic, with the findings claiming 43% of those surveyed were experiencing financial pressure. Photo: Getty Images

It comes after shoppers were left disappointed due the apparent disappearance of certain products from Aldi shelves.

One fan took to the Aldi Mums Facebook group to share the news that the popular Sweet Haven-branded Mini Donuts and Urban Eats Mini Churros had disappeared from the freezer section of the store.

"For those of you who were lucky enough to try these, l have some bad news," the woman wrote. "These were a great hit with my family, we absolutely loved them. Today l tried both of my stores and no luck, only to find out they have been deleted."

She continued, "I asked the worker why and she didn’t know. I told her they were the best and we loved them. She advised me that people will need to send an email to Aldi and complain. Only then they might make them a permanent item."

Aldi's mini Choceur chocolate blocks are also becoming increasingly absent in-store, according to keen shoppers, particularly the milk chocolate variety, and it's not just the kids that are having meltdowns.

"When this is all that was left on the shelf, I asked someone and he said they have been deleted. Has anyone else noticed them no longer available?" one mum asked in an online Aldi Facebook group.

While other flavours were still available, the milk chocolate variety (blue for the uninitiated) was missing.

"There’s nothing other than these 3 flavours," the mum added, going on to say she asked an Aldi staff member about it and he thought they'd been discontinued.

"I asked him because there is no ticket for the milk or the hazelnut ones or other ones they used to have. The ticket says white, dark or marzipan which is all that’s there. He said once they sell out he assumes that’s it."

She did add that the staff member said he'd seen them be discontinued in the past. "He did say they have been deleted before and come back so fingers crossed."

The post caused ripples across the community as other shoppers panicked about their favourite being out of stock.

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