ALDI fans reveal their biggest gripes with the supermarket

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When it comes to Aldi, the supermarket chain's customers are very vocal about what they love about the brand, and now they're sharing their biggest gripes.

A Facebook user took to the Aldi Mums Facebook group and asked, "What does everybody dislike from Aldi?"

Woman shopping at Aldi
Aldi fans are sharing the things they dislike most about the supermarket. Photo: Getty

The post quickly blew up and now features over 1,700 responses from Aldi fans.

Unsurprisingly, one of the top gripes was that the supermarket doesn't stock enough of their special buys, something that comes up all too often.


Many customers have previously stood in line for hours at their local Aldi store only to find out they only have very few items in stock.

Earlier this year, Aldi sold an air fryer and some fans reported that their local store only had one available to sell.

Aldi fans want home delivery
Some fans wished Aldi would do home delivery or click and collect. Photo: Facebook

Other users said that they wished Aldi would do home delivery or at least click and collect.

"No home delivery... Was very much needed during COVID lockdown!" one user wrote.

Another agreed, "Ohhhh how excited I would be if they at least did click and collect lol."

One gripe that was shared by many was the "break neck speed" at which the people working at the registers moved and that they don't have self-service options or express lanes.

Aldi fans hate their trolleys
Others didn't like how big the trolleys were with one user joking she's scared she'll fall into hers some days. Photo: Facebook

The trolleys were also under fire with some women saying they're too large, one user joked, "The height and depths of the trolleys. I am a short a**e and worry that perhaps one day I may literally fall into one trying to retrieve my goods!"

Another said, "I agree with this. They are chest height to me I hate pushing those things around."

Others also hated having to put a coin in to use a trolley.

Some claimed items such as meat, bread and milk went off sooner than it should have.

Aldi fans love the supermarket
One user joked the thing she didn't like was when she goes to Aldi for one thing and leaves with 20. Photo: Facebook

However, many commenters said there is "nothing" that they don't like about Aldi and especially love the fact they're saving money.

One user joked, "I really don’t like that every time I go in for 1 thing I come out with 20!"

An amused commenter added, "And a tent."

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