Aldi Special Buy shortage sparks fury despite 'obvious' solution

Aldi shoppers are seeing red but no air fryers as the discount store struggles to supply the wildly popular Special Buy on the promised sale date.

Despite the supermarket warning shoppers that the 16L Multifunction Air Fryer and Pastry Maker Special Buy supplies were being affected by coronavirus delays earlier this week, it seems many shoppers held out hope.

Aldi customers in a shopping centre at the Maroubra Junction in Sydney, Australia, 19 July 2015. German supermarket chain Aldi is expanding with now even more stores in the country. The competition has even tried taking a swipe at the chain's reputation, without success. Photo: Photo: Frank Walker/dpa | usage worldwide   (Photo by Frank Walker/picture alliance via Getty Images)
Aldi customers are furious as Air Fryers sell out instantly, but there is a very simple solution. Photo: Getty Images

Many who did show up this morning were left bitterly disappointed as the retailer’s promise came true, and the air fryer, in particular, seemed impossible to find.

Many took to social media with their frustration and to see who, if anyone, had actually managed to get their hands on the coveted buy.

Shoppers frustrated as no air fryers to be found

Aldi 16 litre air fryer special buy
The coveted buy is proving almost impossible for shoppers to get their hands on. Photo: ALDI

One shopper from Newcastle reported her store preempted the crowd by simply sticking up a sign in the window.

“Hi, my local Aldi has a sign on the door saying no air fryers, was this all stores or just mine?” she asked on an Aldi fan page.

“So the one I went to had two and only eight Thermo cookers,” one shopper reported.

“I’m at Nuriootpa SA & there’s only eight,” another reported.

“Was anyone lucky enough to get there hands on an air fryer? Rydalmere store only had 6,” another shopper asked.

“None in our store,” one reported.

“Hubby stood in line since 7.50 am (seven in front of him) for the air fryer only to find they had NONE,” a furious woman wrote.

‘Just go to Target’: Shoppers argue ‘better’ options available

Target Bellini Air Fryer 11 litre
Target is selling a slightly smaller option for the same price. Photo: Target

Others, however, pointed out that rather than fight over the minimal stock offered by Aldi, there are in fact very similar options available for similar, or even better prices.

Target is currently selling an 11L air fryer for the same $149 that Aldi is selling their 16 litres for, and despite five litres difference, many argue the hassle of fighting through the middle aisle for one brings the two products even.

“It’s just an air fryer,” one lady pointed out. “Go to Target lol.”

Others shared links to bigger, and cheaper option online, including a 23L currently selling for $169 on Catch Of The Day.

Kogan also sells their 12L option for $130, with free shipping to boot.

Kmart also offers a ‘three-in-one’ Air Fryer Oven for just $129.


Adding fuel to the mutinous fire is the fact that many shoppers are reporting ‘chaotic’ scenes as some shoppers still try desperately to nab the Aldi Buy – not what you want to encounter in the midst of a global pandemic.

“It was a bloodshed at my store,” one man wrote. There ended up being about 100 lined up. I was first in line, with people pushing in, not following the line markers the staff put out... Was a bit chaotic lol.”

Aldi cancels Special Buys in Victoria

It comes after the supermarket took to Facebook to share an update that due to the coronavirus pandemic, delivery of some of their Special Buys had been impacted across the nation.

Aldi's 16L Multifunction Air Fryer is $149, while the Pastry Maker is $24.99.

On their website, Aldi has revealed they have removed the Air Fryer from their Victorian stores due to the pandemic which has caused an ongoing lockdown in the state.

They wrote, "Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have removed this Special Buys™ product from all Victorian state stores, Albury and Lavington. We apologise for any disappointment this might cause our Victorian customers.

"We understand that not all our Victorian stores are under Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions, but we believe it is the right thing to do to ensure the safety of our community in this challenging time. We look forward to bringing these products back at a later date.”

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