Aldi fans go wild for woman's nifty find on shelves: 'Great idea'

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Buying fresh herbs at the supermarket to use in your cooking is fantastic, but often they don't last.

Some seem to wilt the minute you get them home and, if you don't use them all in a day or so, you end up throwing a lot out.

Aldi logo
A woman has shared her nifty Aldi trick. Photo: AAP

However, one Victorian woman spotted a great alternative in her local Aldi – herb pouches with a long shelf life which, once opened, last a month in the fridge!

"Found these yesterday in the jar section! These little pouches were about $1.20ish and have 75g of product in them," Sofia wrote on an Aldi Facebook page.

"These are perfect if you don't go through enough of the herbs/flavours to buy them weekly and I do prefer these over the dried versions from Coles, because they have a lot more flavour," Sofia said.

"I don't believe these are new, but thought someone would appreciate the post."

Her find excited followers of the page.


Pikt&Chopt brand squeezable herb pouches – Basil, ginger, chilli and garlic
Sofia discovered these long-lasting pouches of herb pastes at her local Aldi in Victoria. Photo: Supplied

"I’ve never seen them before. I think they will be great. I’m going to buy some. I prefer the pastes over the dried version too. Thank you for sharing," one commented.

"Looks great ... and cheaper than the tube ones. I use my tube ones directly from the freezer, they don’t freeze solid and last longer in the freezer. Wonder if these would be the same?" another wrote.

"l hadn't thought of freezing them. Thanks. Great idea," another added.

Sofia told Yahoo Lifestyle she had already enjoyed trying the herbs in her cooking.

"I've used them in a beef chilli basil stir fry and also a chicken tikka masala," she said.

However, some mums on the Aldi Mums page joked at how easily the pouches could be mistaken for kids' yoghurt.

"Haha - imagine sticking these in the kid’s lunchboxes by mistake," one mum wrote.

A teacher in the group confirmed: "This has happened … I had a kid at work bring the garlic one. He was half way through before he said 'this yoghurt is very spicy'.

"It was pretty funny. He wanted to finish it though. It definitely got his digestion moving."

Pikt&Chopt say their herbs are a "shelf-stable range of 'cold-blended' fresh herbs and spices".

The website reveals the herbs and spices can be kept for about 12 months unopened in the cupboard, as indicated by the "best-before" date on the pouch, and then for 30 days in the refrigerator once opened.

Fresh green basil, garlic, ginger and red chillies, a chopping board, and four Pikt&Chopt pouches containing those products. Photo: Pikt&Chopt
The herbs and spices are grown in ideal conditions year-round by a farming collective in Vietnam. Photo: Pikt&Chopt

And, according to one grocer, who also stocks the pouches, the company is 100 per cent Australian owned with a farming collective in Vietnam growing the herbs and spices.

They are also gluten-free, non-GMO, and Kosher certified.

Now we just need people to share their recipes as inspiration!

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