Aldi $19.99 Special Buy people are going wild for this Christmas: 'So good'

There’s no denying Aldi has a stream of Special Buys that have firmly cemented themselves as cult buys amongst the most thrifty shoppers out there.

And this $19.99 cask of pina colada from the bargain store is no exception, with people desperate for Aldi to bring it back.

Aldi store logo
Aldi has brought back a cult favourite Special Buy just in time for Christmas. Photo: AAP

Luckily for them, the 2L VOK PIna Colada went on sale on December 22nd in selected NSW, ACT, VIC and WA stores. However, it’ll only be there while stocks last so you better get in quick.

First released back in 2019, the mix of white rum, pineapple juice and coconut, was an instant hit, which is no surprise considering how much most of us love a cocktail at Christmas and how easy it is to simply express it from a cask.

Each cask contains 10 standard drinks and at $19.99 that comes in at $1.99 per cocktail.

It also comes in a lime mojito flavour if that’s more to your taste.


2L Pina Colada cocktail from Aldi
The 2L Pina Colada has been a big hit in the past. Photo: Facebook
Aldi cocktail Special Buys
It also comes in a lime mojito flavour. Photo: Facebook

Needless to say, people have been chatting about the drink online, with one person uploading a photo of the cask, alongside the caption: “Please tell Aldi have bought this back for Xmas”.

“Omg .. i was going to put a post up asking about this product... hope there's some left,” oner person commented after being told they went on sale on Wednesday.

“These were so good,” another person said.

Others commented saying that if people miss out on the Special Buy, the brand is widely available in bottle shops.

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