Aldi shoppers in stitches over freezer prank: 'Who did this?'

An Aldi shopper has shared the hilarious discovery she made in the freezer aisle of the popular German supermarket during a recent visit and it has other Aldi fans in hysterics.

Taking to a popular Aldi Facebook group, the woman posted a photo of the freezer section with a sign that revealed it normally houses 'Potato Snacks'. But this time it was home to something else that was 'FROZEN'.

aldi prank frozen toy in freezer aisle
An Aldi shopper spotted something else 'FROZEN' in the freezer aisle. Photo: Facebook

"Who did this?" the shopper asked, sharing the photo of Disney's FROZEN II themed princess castle sitting inside the freezer in place of actual frozen food.

The post quickly went viral gaining over 1000 comments, and people thought the prank was hilarious.

"Someone with great sense of humour," one person commented.

"Hahah I would totally laugh out loud in store if I saw this," another said.

"That’s hysterical," was another comment, while a fourth quipped: "Well, it said FROZEN."


A close-up of an Aldi store sign
Aldi shoppers have a sense of humour. Photo: Getty

Others loved the prank so much, they thought it would definitely start popping up in other stores.

"Oh this is going to start a trend!" one person wrote.

And it seems they weren't wrong, with an Aldi worker also commenting on the post, revealing it wasn't the first time they had seen it.

"I work at an Aldi in WA and found a Frozen doll in the freezer 2 weeks ago. It made me laugh so hard. All our staff were amused," they said.

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