Aldi superfans get engagement photos taken in local store: 'The cutest'

One couple's undying love of Aldi led them to have their engagement photos taken in the supermarket.

The pair, from Missouri in the US, had fun hamming it up in their local Aldi store, putting an unusual twist on the romantic shoot.

"Grocery store engagement photos, yes or no!!?" Saint Louis based photographer Victoria Segovia wrote when she shared the photo shoot on TikTok.

Four photos of Dan Kuntz and Shannon Niere from their photoshoot in Aldi
One couple decided they wanted something different for their engagement photos - so chose to do them in Aldi! Photo: Tiktok/@victoriaephoto (Tiktok/@victoriaephoto)

"Oh my gosh this is the cutest," one follower wrote. "These photos are great!" another added.

The video has been watched 43,000 times and has over 1,500 likes.

An observant follower noticed that the store was empty for the shoot and asked: "How did you do it with nobody there?!"

"The store let us in before opening!! 7am start time at sunrise," Victoria replied.

"My goal and what I set out to do is to capture that warmth, joy and colour that is actually there," Victoria revealed about her process for getting the best couples photos.

"The more real that my photos look and feel, the more that the memories and feelings will flood back when viewing the images years down the road."

Three photos from Dan Kuntz and Shannon Niere engagement photoshoot in Aldi
Dan Kuntz and Shannon Niere's Aldi engagement shoot is certainly unusual! Photo: Tiktok/@victoriaephoto (Tiktok/@victoriaephoto)

While the couple, Dan Kuntz and Shannon Niere, decided to have the pics taken at their local Aldi, Dan actually proposed under a gazebo by a lake.

It was a friend of Shannon's who contacted Aldi with the engagement shoot idea, knowing the couple loved the supermarket.

“Shannon was hooked on Aldi when we met and now she's converted me into a loyal customer," Dan told Yahoo Life.

Their loyalty not only meant they have a unique engagement shoot, it also got them a gift basket full of Aldi-exclusive products from the store.

However, believe it or not, Dan and Shannon aren't the first couple to have had an engagement photo shoot at Aldi. A couple from Alabama took that honour in 2019, and an Indiana couple did the same in 2020.

Now the clock is ticking for the first Australian couple to follow suit...

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