'Crazy': Aldi causes uproar with $1.50 product

Social media users are up in arms over a $1.50 Aldi product which is supposed to save people time when they’re preparing food.

The $1.49 Fresh Veggie Co. Carrot Sticks and $1.79 Carrot Shred have caused a fierce debate on the @aldiloversau Instagram page, with many people calling the bagged items ‘lazy’ and slamming the unnecessary use of plastic, while others called the items a genius idea.

File photo dated 16/09/19 of an Aldi store in Marsh Lane Bootle, Liverpool. Aldi has announced plans to increase its pay for staff in stores by just over 3%, making it one of the best-paying supermarkets in the UK.. Issue date: Tuesday January 21, 2020. The discounter said minimum hourly rates will rise from ??9.10 an hour to ??9.40, with workers inside the M25 getting ??10.90 an hour instead of ??10.55.
Aldi has come under fire for a new product. Photo: AAP

“Plastic plastic plastic. Just chop your damn vegetables yourself peeps,” one person said.

“Crazy over use of plastic again,” another person said, while another simply said: “So much plastic.”

The comments continued, with people urging Aldi to rethink how they package items in-store.

Others don’t agree

However, others saw the practicality in the product, with Tammy, the creator of the page taking to the Stories section to

“So much judgement over pre-cut vegetables. It’s sad really. The assumption is that people are just ‘lazy’. Of course some people will love the convenience, but think of those that are disabled or the elderly who cannot physically cut their vegetables,’ she wrote.

Aldi carrot sticks and carrot shred
People were up in arms over the plastic used for the $1.49 carrot sticks and $1.79 carrot shred. Photo: Instagram/Aldiloversau
Aldi pre-cut salad kit
Aldi also have pre-cut salad kits on sale for $2.99. Photo: Instagram/aldiloversau

Another person agreed, calling out people for slamming Aldi over the prepackaged products.

“Thank you for defending those who use these products. Personally I am visually impaired so the use of these saves carer time and I can put that time to more important things like home help etc. it gives me independence to do it myself. While it is just opening a packet inference to a person whom has lost a lot is a win. Yes, it is more plastic but with time there will be a solution,” another commenter said.

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Aldi for comment.

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