$1.25 Aldi product hailed as a 'miracle worker'

There’s nothing worse than taking a load of whites out of the washing machine only to find that the bottom of your socks look like you’ve just walked through a muddy field, and that lipstick stain is still clinging to your white T-shirt.

However, one woman believes she’s found a life-changing laundry product from Aldi and it only costs $1.25 for the bottle.

Aldi Di-San
Aldi's Di-San product is being hailed as a 'miracle worker'. Photo: Facebook
How to get pillowcases clean
One person used it on her pillowcase and this is the result. Photo: Facebook

The Aldi Di-San stain remover has been causing a stir online, with people uploading their before and after pictures after dousing their household items with the product.

One woman decided to test it out for herself on white pillowcases, spraying the Di-San onto them and leaving it for five minutes.

Then she soaked them in very warm water for about an hour before revealing the sparkling white result.

She also added the Lectric washing soda from Woolworths (which people have previously raved about) to the water just to make her pillowcases even whiter.

How to get grout out of tiles
This is how well it works on tile grout. Photo: Facebook

Another woman tried the Di-San on the grout in between her grey tiles. She sprayed it and waited ten minutes before getting a scour and scrubbing the grout away.

Others commented with their own experience with the product, with one woman saying she uses the product on almost everything in her house.

“This is brilliant I have a bottle in the kitchen for the floor tiles grout, lifts the dirt straight out. It lifts the oil stains out of hubby work clothes. Love all of Aldi laundry products,” one person said.

Another person said there’s a pink bottle of Di-San which works even better. Excuse us while we rush to our nearest Aldi now.

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