$3 Aldi treat sends shoppers racing for freezer aisle

Aldi Australia has shoppers cheering online after the supermarket giant re-released its popular frozen smoothie packs this week.

The $3.69 product gained a cult following for its ease and tastiness when it was first appeared on shelves, and shoppers have already rushed to the freezer aisle to stock up again.

Aldi australia frozen smoothie packs
Aldi Australia has brought back the frozen smoothie packs. Photo: Instagram/Aldi Lovers

The Aldi lovers Instagram page shared the news after spotting the return of the cultbuy at the supermarket, with the post quickly receiving over 700 likes. Normally known for the famous Aldi Special buys, this product appears to be a more permanent addition to the summer stock.

“The frozen smoothie packs are back! So quick and convenient if you’re a smoothie lover,” the page captioned photos of the 450h varieties.

Flavours available include Strawberry Fantasy with strawberry and banana slices, Pineapple Sunset with pineapple and mango, and Green Dream with banana, lemongrass, kale and mango.

“The pineapple sunset one is delicious,” one fan commented.

“Yay! Been waiting for these to come back,” was another excited shopper’s response.

“The green dream as awesome!!! I love it,” another revealed their favourite.

While a fourth added, “Going to get these for the kids”.

Aldi opened in the Peak District in the market and tourist attraction town of Bakewell.
Aldi shoppers have shared their excitement at the return of smoothie packs. Photo: Getty

Not everyone was sold however, with some pointing out that the sugar content seems quite high.

According to the nutrition information, the Strawberry Fantasy bag contains an average of 11.2g of sugar per packet mix, while the Pineapple Sunset pack contains an average 16.7g, with even the Green Dream containing 13.5g of sugars.

”Far too much sugar,” one person wrote.

However both the Aldi page and others shoppers pointed out there is actually no added sugar, as most fruit is already high in natural sugar.

“A fresh banana has around 12 grams of sugar and a cup of strawberries has seven grams of sugar, but it's natural,” one customer explained.

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