New Aldi buy sells out in minutes, but fans aren't sold

catalogue image shows man cut off from torso vacuuming with Aldi special buy vacuum
Aldi's new cordless vacuum is a huge hit with shoppers. Photo: Aldi

A new Aldi product is shaping up to be the next cult buy, with items disappearing off shelves quicker than staff can stack them, but it looks like those that get their mitts on one may be trotting back in.

Hitting the infamous middle aisle on Wednesday this week, the Cordless Hand-Held Stick Vacuum Cleaner caused quite a stir among shoppers, who quickly snapped up the product.

Retailing at $100 in a market saturated with expensive vacuum options, many hoped for a budget alternative to bigger brands like Dyson.

Similar in look and feel to the wildly popular, but pricey Dyson cordless option, the cord-free Aldi option has a 20 minute run time, and a three-year warranty.

‘Sold out in minutes’

Man packs Aldi produce into Aldi bag at checkout
Aldi customers said their store's were sold out of the vacuum in minutes. Photo: Getty Images

Customers took to social media to complain about the speed at which the vacuum sold out, many left empty-handed despite their best efforts.

“(Our store) had heaps but they all sold within minutes,” one person wrote.

“I was lucky to grab one but if you weren't there at opening time, you'll probably miss out,” another advised.

“Alexandra Hills ones disappeared in under 8 minutes!!” another shared.

“All sold out first thing in the morning,” was the verdict elsewhere.

Shoppers not sold on vacuum

With the product a brand new addition however, the jury is still out on whether the sticks are worth the hype.

For some the impression was lacklustre.

“I tried mine after a short charge and it didn’t vacuum anything,” one woman wrote.

“Don't be a cheap ass and just get a Dyson, there is no substitute!” another advised.

“As they say you get what you pay for,” was another’s ominous warning.

Some were impressed with the product and gave it a solid thumbs up.

“When it's going it's great,” one user wrote.

With many yet to take their new suckers for a spin, it remains to be seen if the vacuums will bounce back from the initial reaction.

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