Aldi $8.99 schnitzel leaves woman baffled: 'I need to know'

We've all been in the situation where we've run into the supermarket to grab a couple of quick things and whipped a familiar item off the shelf, without a proper look.

Well as one mum discovered in Aldi, there are some products that look very similar and it may be worth a second glance before running out of the store.

A photo of an Aldi sign and a chicken schnitzel with side salad
A schnitzel mix up caused chaos for one mum. Photo: Aldi (Aldi & Facebook)

"Second time I have done this and not realised until I got home. I need to know, who the hell is wanting corn in their schnittys????" one Melbourne mum wrote on an Aldi Facebook page.

Rather than picking up plain chicken schnitzels, she had inadvertently bought $8.99 schnitzels with corn in them – clearly something she does not like.

With around 170 laughing emojis and 340 comments, her fellow Facebook mums found it hilarious.


'Should of gone to Specsavers," one mum wrote to the mirth of fellow members.

"Meeee! These are my favourite" another mum wrote responding to the question about who wants corn in their schnitties.

Inghams chicken schnitzel in corn, gluten free and original varieties
It's easy to see how the mistake was made with very similar package for the different varieties of chicken schnitzel. Photo: Aldi & Facebook (Aldi & Facebook)

"Don’t worry you’ll probably only get like 5 kernels in each anyhow," another mum added.

Others who had also made the same mistake but were less upset about it. "We got these by mistake once and preferred them over the normal ones," one commenter wrote.

While the Facebook group poster was looking for support in her taste choices, she was disappointed as most of the followers on the page seem to like the corn variety

"Damn, I thought the majority of us were going to be mad at this together! I need to read labels better (don’t get me started on sweet chilli kievs, wtf). Going to give them another crack tonight though, mmmm with gravy," the original poster said in the comments on her post.

There were a few group members that did understand her plight however.

"I did the exact thing today and my boys didn't like them. My eldest pick out all the corn from them. Tried to hide it by making them into parmas but that didn't work," one person replied.

"I agree. A lot of people would accidentally pick this up. Also, many people would accidentally pick up and put it down in the full chicken schnitzel area when they realise not wanting the corn as well," a fellow mum wrote.

"I hate them and so do my kids. Read the label. Oops," another added.

"They should make the packaging a bit different," a third commented.

With the Melbourne mum having made this mistake twice now, we think she's going to be a bit more careful next time she shops for her family's schnitties!


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