Aldi $3.99 gift set to fly off shelves: Last-minute Christmas buys

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It's December already and if like me you thought you'd have all your Christmas shopping done by now but haven't, Aldi has come to the rescue with their last-minute gift ideas for the whole family.

I must confess, I love nothing more than wandering down those middle aisles at my local Aldi to see just what I might 'need' from their specials buy section, but this year, that specials buy section may be my saviour.

For him

Aldi's Head Shaver, Premium Grooming Kit and Scott & Lawson Beard Maintenance Kit.
Aldi's Head Shaver, $29.99, Premium Grooming Kit $24.99 and Scott & Lawson Beard Maintenance Kit 4 Piece $9.99. Photos: Supplied

Aldi has a range of grooming products for men that don't only look good but are available for all men's needs. The Premium Wet and Dry Shaver, $39.99, can trim or give a close shave whether he prefers to groom at the sink or in the shower (where his hairs can neatly wash down the drain!).

Does your hubby prefer a shaved head? Well their Head Shaver, $29.99, is designed to smoothly negotiate the curves of his scalp and looks good in the bathroom too.


If like many men during lockdown, your partner, dad or friend decided to embrace his hirsuteness, then the Scott & Lawson Beard Maintenance Kit 4 Piece, $9.99, is perfect.

Other grooming products include:

  • Scott & Lawson Grooming Set 12 Piece, $16.99

  • Premium Grooming Kit, $24.99

  • Premium Cordless Hair Clipper Set, $29.99

For teens

Aldi's LED Light Box, True Wireless Earbuds, and Smartphone Magnifier.
Aldi's LED Light Box $14.99, True Wireless Earbuds, $69.99, and Smartphone Magnifier, $14.99. Photos: Supplied

For the up and coming social media influencer, techpreneur or budding media producer, Aldi has everything they need to create a mini studio from home (meaning you'll probably see them even less except when they're hungry – win/win!).

The LED Light Box, $14.99, Smartphone Magnifier, $14.99, and True Wireless Earbuds, $69.99, are a great start but the LED Ring Light Kit, $29.99, and Portable Green Screen, $29.99, will really give them the edge.

Other tech gadgets include:

  • Bluetooth Selfie Stick, $14.99

  • Vlogging Desktop Kit, $29.99

  • Bluetooth Gimbal, $49.99

For kids

Aldi's Kid’s Karaoke Machine and a range of Aldi games available for Christmas.
Aldi has this great Kid’s Karaoke Machine, $49.99, as well as a variety of games for the whole family. Photos: Supplied

Sometimes it's nice to encourage kids to be more involved in family time, and younger kids will certainly appreciate some of the games and gadgets on offer for them.

The Kid’s Karaoke Machine, $49.99, comes in a variety of colours and patterns and can stream music directly from your smartphone via Bluetooth or play music through FM radio, AUX-in, USB drive or microSD card.

Aldi's games make great stocking stuffers and there are plenty suited to the little ones as well as ones for the whole family to play together.

Some of the games on offer include:

  • Loo Paper Novelty Games, $4.99

  • Mindbogglers 1000 Piece Puzzles, $9.99

  • Adult Tin Games, $9.99

  • Mystery, Mind & Logic Games, $9.99

  • Novelty Food Shape Games, $14.99

  • Selfie Photo Booth Accessories, $14.99

  • National Geo 3D Puzzles, $19.99

  • Tabletop Games, $19.99

For the spa lover

Aldi's collection of scented gifts and at-home spa products.
Aldi's collection of scented gifts and at-home spa products. Photos: Supplied

It's been a long year and we all know someone that could do with a present that makes them feel better – even if that person is you!

Firstly, help them create a spa-like vibe with these scented products:

  • Luxury Hand Cream 100ml, $3.99

  • Drawer Liners 6 Pack or Scented Sachets 4 Pack, $8.99

  • Room & Linen Spray 250ml, $8.99

  • Candle Tin 3 Pack, $9.99

  • Luxury Candle 400g, $14.99

  • Luxury Reed Diffuser Premium 145ml, $14.99

Then provide them with an at-home massager and facial sauna to ensure they completely unwind:

  • Facial Sauna, $39.99

  • Hot and Cold Massager, $49.99

  • Mini Massage Gun, $59.99

  • Air Compression Foot Massager, $59.99

For the outdoor entertainer

Aldi's range of summer entertaining products.
Aldi has a great range for those who love outdoor entertaining in summer. Photos: Supplied

Boho picnics are so on-trend right now and Aldi has a great range to not only make sure that you have everything you need but make others jealous of your picnic style game.

The Picnic Rug, $49.99, and Outdoor Cushions, $17.99, come in four colourways and this Wooden Picnic Grazing-cum-Wine Table, $29.99, looks just as good as the much more expensive versions around at the moment.

Other items for your picnic include:

  • Acrylic Drinkware 4 Pack, $6.99

  • Melamine Tableware 4 Pack, $8.99

  • Picnic Cutlery Set 16 Piece with Carry Pouch, $19.99

  • Bamboo Fibre Nesting Food Containers 3 Piece Set, $7.99

And for those more likely to host at home, make summer BBQs easier with Aldi's outdoor summer drink accessories:

  • Assorted Joie Ice Trays, $3.99

  • Novelty Shaped Drinkware, $5.99

  • Assorted Soda Syrup 500ml, $6.99

  • SodaStream 1L Carbonating Bottles 2 Pack, $9.99

  • SodaStream Spirit Machine, $74.99

For the luxe lover

Aldi's bathing and wellness range.
Aldi has a range of wellness treats to make the bathing experience truly relaxing; Sensual Silk Skin Care Gift Set, $29.99; and Lacura Caviar Skin Care Gift Set, $29.99. Photos: Supplied

Whether it's your sister, mum or BFF, we all have someone that could do with some 'me time', and providing them with face and body care that they can use to pamper themselves is like giving them the gift of time.

The Women’s Luxe PJ Set, $14.99, and matching gown, $16.99, will put them in the mood to run a bath and indulge with the Bubble Up Bath Soak, $4.99, and Bubble Up Bath Oil Bar, $6.99, while using the Glass Drink Bottle with Crystals, $19.99, to keep hydrated. They can then wrap themselves in the Activated Charcoal 3 Piece Towel Set, $39.99, for the perfect unwind combination.

Other beauty gifts include:

  • Haircarebears 50 Pack/60 Pack, $14.99

  • Luxury Make Up Palettes, $9.99

  • Pamper and Purify Face Mask Gift Set, $9.99

  • Lacura Beauty Lip Mask and Body Oil Gift Set, $12.99

  • Assorted Fine Fragrances for Men and Women, $29.99

  • Lacura Caviar Skin Care Gift Set $29.99

So make sure that you have the 8th of December and the 11th of December marked in your diary to ensure you don't miss out on these bargain treats!

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