Aldi shopper shocks with 'a**hole' move: 'Bad idea'

An Aldi shopper has shocked social media users after their 'a**hole' move, sparking huge criticism.

A Reddit user took to the website to share a photo of an Aldi trolley in the US that had been burnt at the handle where you can retrieve your coin.

Burnt Aldi shopping trolley
An Aldi shopper from the US has been slammed for their 'a**hole' move that left Reddit users shocked. Photo: Reddit

"Burning [an] Aldi Cart just to get the quarter... instead of returning it," they wrote.

The photo shows that the spot where you insert a coin was melted away with the money taken.

While some people assumed it could have been a homeless person who was in desperate need of some money, the original poster responded: "That theory is busted though because they literally could have walked it a few feet to lock it to the rest of the carts to get the quarter. The amount of time it took to melt it with I'm assuming is a typical Bic lighter is counterproductive."


Others were confused as to why the shopping trolleys require money to unlock with the user adding: "In larger, urban areas with higher amounts of homeless, carts are stolen frequently. It costs the store money for those carts (no idea how much), but enough to justify taking measures to prevent the theft whether it be locking mechanisms that disable the wheels when it leaves the parking lot, or the coin return.

"In the case of Aldi, they claim it's so they don't have to employ someone to frequently grab carts from the lot, and bring them to the front of the store."

Aldi trolley
In many Aldi stores, there is a coin section where you put your coin in to access the trolleys and then you get your coin back when you return it. Photo: Getty

"NOTHING, fills my parents with more joy than touring the Aldi's parking lot and finding unreturned carts... If they make $.75 it's like they've won the lottery..." one commenter joked.

"I always leave my cart in the corral with the quarter still in it," another wrote. "I've definitely forgotten to take a quarter with me to Aldi before, so I leave it in case someone else doesn't have one."

"That's literally just more steps to get the quarter back," a third said of the burnt cart.

"See, this is a bad idea because you’re probably wrecking your lighter to do this and the lighter would be at least $1," someone else added.

"This seems like someone just being an a**hole rather than any monetary concern. People generally suck and destroy things for no good reason," another said.

"Pretty sure it's just vandalism..." one user agreed.

"Maybe it was his lucky quarter?" another joked.

"Someone had a meltdown over the system and decided to make a statement," someone else added.

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