Aldi shoppers praise award-winning product: 'Never use anything else'

Aldi's own brand of dishwasher tablets is receiving rave reviews from shoppers, beating premium brands that cost more than twice as much.

Aldi fans across Australia are spilling the beans on the secret to achieving sparkling clean dishes without breaking the bank.

According to Aldi customers, one of the best dishwasher tablets for pristine results will only set you back 18 cents per wash, leaving premium brands in the dust with prices that are more than double. Those in the know have long been singing the praises of Aldi's own brand of dishwasher tablets, Logix, a hidden gem that savvy shoppers can't get enough of.

Dishwasher in kitchen with clean dishes. Aldi
Many Aldi shoppers are praising the supermarket's Logix range of dishwasher tablets. Photo: Getty

A Coles customer, who recently acquired a dishwasher in her new home, turned to a popular Facebook group for Aldi fans in search of advice on affordable dishwashing tablets. Expressing her surprise at the skyrocketing prices of familiar brands like Finish and Somat at Coles, she sought reviews and opinions on Aldi's Logix tabs, which boast a significantly lower price.


"I was left a tad surprised to see how much the usual tabs (Finish/Somat) have gone up in price in Coles," she told the group. "I'd like to know how people find the Aldi Logix tabs which are substantially cheaper."

Group members were quick to give the product the thumbs up.

"I bought them on recommendation by Choice magazine as the best," one person responded, "Have been using for several years now and very happy."

Choice product of the year

Indeed, Choice recently revealed the top dishwashing detergents worth adding to your grocery list, as well as the ones to avoid. Out of 26 dishwasher detergents tested for their effectiveness in removing food stains like egg yolk, rice starch, baked-on cheese, mince meat, red wine, and coffee, Aldi's Logix Platinum 18 In 1 Dishwashing Tablets Lemon secured the top spot.

The Aldi tablets even outperformed all the leading market brands of Finish Powerball tabs that were tested, ranging in price from 32 cents to $1.13 per wash.

Aldi Logix Platinum 18 In 1 Dishwashing Tablets Lemon received first place in Choice reviews
Aldi Logix Platinum 18 In 1 Dishwashing Tablets Lemon received first place in Choice reviews, outperforming other more expensive brands. Photo: Choice

And the vast majority of Aldi fans wholeheartedly agree with the Choice verdict.

"Love them, better than Finish," one person enthusiastically shared. Another person chimed in, sharing that a dishwasher repairer and installer had recommended the dishwasher tablets to them.

The praise rolled on, with one person declaring, "I love Logix. Can't fault them," while another affirmed, "Never use anything else." Such was their dedication that one fan confessed, "Love them to the point our Aldi was 400km away, I would get friends to buy them for me."

Woolworths' brand another popular choice

However, not everyone had the same positive experience. A few dissenters offered alternative recommendations.

"They don't dissolve in my dishwasher sadly. I suggest trying the Shine brand from Woolies," one person suggested, with another echoing the sentiment, stating, "They didn't dissolve in my dishwasher. I hated them" and several other group members endorsed Woolworths' budget alternative, Shine.

"I found the Aldi tablets rubbish. Switched back to Finish and buy when on half-price sale."

Nonetheless, others shared tips on how to use Aldi's Logix product effectively.


"I don't put mine on the tablet spot though I put mine in the utensil basket or straight on the base of the dishwasher and 100% happy," one person shared. "Put them in the bottom," agreed another, adding, "Not in the dispenser."

One individual said they opt for the bottle of Logix dishwasher powder, explaining, "It goes much further ... sometimes you only need two teaspoons if it is only a lightly dirty load like toast crumbs salad dressing cereal milk coffee on the plates or cups." However, it's worth noting that one of the Aldi powders assessed by Choice ranked among the bottom three options.

Amidst the differing opinions, one fan emphasised the value of Aldi's brands, stating, "I have to laugh at all the peeps that pay absolutely ridiculous amounts...for DW tabs at the other supermarkets, when these Aldi brands do the same job!"

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