Aldi $14.99 laundry product sends shoppers into a spin: 'So good'

The laundry hampers, available in two sizes, are the latest addition to the special buys section.

Aldi has done it again. The discount retailer never fails to deliver when it comes to releasing unexpected items in its special buys section that customers go crazy for, and with the latest addition to their line up—a laundry hamper twin pack—the supermarket has once again hit the mark.

Priced at a modest $14.99, the hampers have sent social media into a spin with excited customers eager to get their hands on the household item.

Aldi Laundry hampers
Customers are rushing to the retailer eager to get their hands on one of the sought-after laundry hampers. Photo: Facebook/Aldi Mums

One thrilled customer took to the Aldi Mums Facebook page to share her excitement, accompanied by an image of two hampers proudly displayed in her laundry room.

"How good are these laundry hampers," she wrote, revealing her pleasant surprise upon discovering that her purchase included a two-pack instead of a single hamper, as she had initially assumed. Further discussions within the group revealed that the larger hampers were available individually, while the medium-sized hampers were sold in a double pack.


The post led to a flurry of enquiries about the availability and location of the laundry hampers. Many were curious to know where the original poster had found the item and whether it was currently in stock.

In response to these queries, another group member shared their recent experience, revealing that they had spotted the hampers for the first time in the special aisle just the previous Friday.

The discussion also saw many group members simply expressing their admiration for the appealing aesthetics of the hampers.

"So good," one person wrote, with another adding "too pretty."

Practicality was also a point of emphasis, with one member noting the hamper's suitability for camping, while another expressed a desire to bring one on their upcoming cruise.

Another group member succinctly stated, "Exactly what I'm looking for," encapsulating the sentiment shared by many.

Aldi laundry hampers
Aldi offers the laundry hamper in two sizes: a medium two-pack and a large individual hamper. Photo: Facebook/Aldi Mums

Amidst the discussion, questions emerged regarding the sizing of the hampers, particularly in terms of their ability to accommodate bed linen. Addressing these enquiries, the original poster confirmed that the medium hampers were indeed spacious enough to hold towels and bedding.

Meanwhile, one member highlighted an issue she encountered after purchasing the hampers.

Sharing her experience, she cautioned, "I got the 2 pack medium ones too, they look lovely but... currently they're airing out in my garage as they have a REALLY strong plastic smell."

Thankfully, she went on to share at a later date the smell was gone within 24 hours.

"It was so strong initially that I had to get them out of the house," she wrote, "but now they're all good."

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