Aldi $7.99 dinner item hailed as 'the best one ever': 'Delicious'

The pre-prepared meal has gained recognition as a household staple among some happy shoppers

Aldi's affordable $7.99 International Cuisine Beef Lasagne has become the talk of social media, thanks to a simple request for a review that sparked an outpouring of positive feedback online.

In a Facebook group for Aldi-loving mums to share their favourite finds from the retailer, members couldn't contain their enthusiasm for the budget-friendly, pre-prepared dish.

The Beef Lasagne from Aldi is receiving rave reviews online. Photo: Instagram/@thebonnellfamily_
The 2kg International Cuisine beef lasagne from Aldi is receiving rave reviews online. Photo: Instagram/@thebonnellfamily_

Group members wasted no time in expressing their love for the Aldi lasagne, with an immediate and overwhelmingly positive response to the request for feedback.

The resounding approval was evident as one member exclaimed, "BIG YES!" with this enthusiastic endorsement reflecting the general consensus among the group.

Others chimed in with comments like "Delicious," and "Yum!", and one person even declared it to be "the best" lasagne they've ever had, particularly praising its affordability.


With every comment, it became evident that the budget-friendly lasagne has found a special place in kitchens of many Aussie Aldi enthusiasts as a reliable, go-to option for busy households.

One member even confidently stated, "It's one of our staples!"

The affordability of the $7.99 price tag also resonated strongly with the group. They praised the lasagne not only for its flavour but also for its unbeatable value. As one member enthusiastically put it, "Can't complain for the money."

The kids love it too! According to Renita, a lasagne enthusiast and food blogger, the texture is perfect, with the pasta layers offering just the right level of

In addition to its taste and convenience, group members also shared creative serving ideas to elevate the experience.

One member exclaimed, "Chuck a Caesar salad with it and bam, great dinner. Takes 0 effort!"

While some acknowledged that homemade lasagne holds a special place in their hearts, they couldn't help but recognise the practicality and quality of Aldi's offering.

"Homemade is always better, but if you don't have time, I think this is a good substitute," one member admitted.

Yet, as is often the case in the realm of culinary experiences, the group members failed to reach a unanimous consensus.

Some individuals shared their dissatisfaction with the lasagne, revealing it didn't meet their expectations. One member expressed disappointment, saying, "I tried it cuz of all the posts and honestly I thought it was horrible. Homemade is more than 10x better."

Another member shared a similar sentiment, stating, "Honestly, I gave most of it to the dog. It was sloppy and tasteless."

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