TikTok loses it over air fryer pepperoni pizza rolls: 'So good'

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People love air fryers for their endless versatility and ease in the kitchen.

From frying, to baking, searing and reheating, in one effortless button, the air fryer cooks a multitude of dishes without the oil, clean up or effort otherwise involved, and for that, we say "Praise Be" to air fryers.

In the growing trend of home cooks sharing their air fryer recipes, a new TikTok video has gone viral with the most delicious pepperoni pizza rolls made in an air fryer.

With 3.7 million followers, August DeWindt's account, theres.food.at.home has shared her viral recipe with 2.8 million people viewing the mouth-watering result.

Two images of TikTok home cook, August DeWindt scattering mozzarella onto a tomato base pizza dough on the left and smiling at the camera on the right holding an Air Fryer tray with three pizza rolls inside.
TikTok can't get enough of August DeWindt's super simple air fryer pepperoni pizza rolls. Source: TikTok/theres.food.at.home


"Pepperoni rolls is one of my favourite things to get at the pizza shop," she tells her followers. "This is so easy to do."

First, she spreads out a long slab of pizza dough and tops with tomato pizza sauce.

"Then scatter over a layer of mozzarella, parmigiano, pepperoni and carefully roll it together," August instructs.

Once rolled into a large log, she slices the roll into individual rolls horizontally before placing it onto baking paper inside the air fryer tray.

She then drizzles melted herb butter on the rolls as the final step before baking.

"I just made these and these were so good," a follower commented.

"Omgggg looks soooooooo good!" a second wrote.

"I actually have to have this," a third said.

One follower admitted that this was the recipe that would urge her to finally use her appliance!

"This is giving me a reason to use my air fryer now," she revealed.

While these Pepperoni Pizza rolls are quintessential to air fryers, August explains that you can also make them in a conventional oven.

"Bake at 350F (176 Celcius) until golden brown. Probably 20 minutes," she details.

Two images side by side of golden Pepperoni pizza rolls, baked on the left and on the right, showing the cheese pulling apart.
Some TikTokers have said they're going to get an air fryer just to make these sumptuous pizza rolls. Source: TikTok/theres.food.at.home

Want to try this recipe with your air fryer? Here's what you need:

1/2 cup tomato pizza sauce

1 can refrigerated pizza dough or fresh pizza dough

1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

1/2 cup shredded Parmigiano Reggiano or parmesan cheese

15-20 Pepperoni slices

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