TikTok is obsessed with this colour-changing blush to suit all skin tones

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Espressoh’s Glassy Blush
Espressoh’s Glassy Blush has gone viral on TikTok for its amazing colour-changing ability. Photo: Sephora

Choosing the perfect blush for your skin tone can be a challenging task even for the most seasoned of makeup gurus. Thanks to Italian makeup brand Espressoh, this amazing colour-changing blush works with your skin’s pH level to create your very own perfect shade.

Espressoh’s Glassy Blush is causing quite the stir on TikTok, delivering results for every skin tone and amazing customers around the world.


To achieve the perfect shade, simply dab a very tiny amount onto your cheeks and blend it. The more texture you layer, the more intense the blushing effect and overall glow factor.

Espressoh’s Glassy Blush
Espressoh’s colour changing Glassy Blush is $40 and available at Sephora. Photo: Sephora

Available for $40 at Sephora Australia, this unique colour-changing blush can also be applied to eye lids and lips to tie your overall makeup look together and give you a sun-kissed and dewy appearance.

The small pot of clear gel is garnering rave reviews across Sephora's website, with customers saying they are loving the trending product.

Some customers are even comparing Espressoh's Glassy Blush to cult brand Glossier's cloud paint. One happy shopper commented: "It does go on feeling a bit oily so you might not like the texture if you're not a fan of your skin feeling that way but it doesn't feel gunky at all. I personally don't mind since I like the dewy glass skin kinda look. One of my fave makeup products so far!!"

Woman holding Espressoh’s Glassy Blush
For an overall dewy and rose coloured appearance, apply the blush to the high points of your face, cheeks, eyelids and lips. Photo: Sephora

Another Sephora reviewer wrote, "this gives you a natural looking flush as if you've been taking a holiday under the sun. Love this for 'no makeup, makeup look' days. Easy application and really bendable."

Makeup lovers on TikTok can't get enough of the trending blush, with commenters claiming they are "addicted to the glossy finish".

Watching TikToks from users like Nena Schuurnans, the colour payoff is evident.

The only downside could be the dewyness of the product for those that are more prone to oily or combination skin.

Espressoh’s Glassy Blush swatched on arm
This amazing colour-changing blush works with your skin's pH level to create your very own perfect shade. Photo: Sephora

But if you're a fan of dewy skin, this little colour-changing blush could be the dreamiest addition to your makeup bag.

Espressoh’s Glassy Blush is available now for $40 at Sephora Australia, try it out for yourself today.

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