Air fryer Cadbury Creme Egg croissants: How to make the 'delicious' Easter treat

You simply must try this viral recipe at Easter time.

If you thought chocolate eggs were the best thing about Easter, these air fryer Cadbury Cream Egg croissant balls might have you questioning your beliefs.

The recipe has gone viral on TikTok, racking up millions of views as home cooks fall head over heels for the delicious treats.

Cadbury creme egg croissants
Can you wait until Easter to make these Cadbury Creme Egg croissants? Photo: TikTok/boredoflunch

TikTok creator Nate aka Bored of Lunch has more than 600,000 followers and this recipe is one of his most popular yet, with thousands of people commenting on the super-easy dessert. Some fans even said they’d prefer this air fryer creation over actual Easter eggs this year.


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"These will not help my weight loss journey, but they look amazing," one viewer wrote. "Oh jeez, start the car and hide the scales," joked another.

Cadbury creme egg croissants
With just three ingredients, this recipe is just as easy as it is tasty. Photo: TikTok/boredoflunch

How to make the tasty treats

Taking a Cadbury Creme Egg, Nate wraps it in croissant pastry, before turning it all into a little dough ball. He then applies an egg wash and in just eight minutes cooks a tasty, gooey, chocolatey ball of Easter goodness.

It doesn't just work with Cream Eggs either, you can add any flavoured chocolate you like. "The caramel egg version is amazing," one home cook confirmed. "I also tried chocolate orange and Bueno and they’re all unreal."

Cadbury creme egg croissants
It takes just eight minutes to cook up these treats, thanks to the humble air fryer. Photo: TikTok/boredoflunch

People who tried the recipe confirmed the treat tastes just as good as it looks. "I tried it and it is sooooooooo good," one TikToker user commented. "So I just made these... and omg they were soo good!" wrote another. "Me and my partner just tried these and WOW WOW they are absolutely amazing," a third confirmed.

Air fryer cream egg croissant balls
Those who had tried it said it tasted like a Boston cream doughnut. Photo: TikTok/boredoflunch

If you're planning on making these over Easter, you might find it a little hard to get your hands on the Jus-Rol Croissant pastry used in the video, so Aussie connoisseurs can try using puff pastry instead. And if you haven't got yourself an air fryer yet, see our handy guide for which one would suit your kitchen.

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