AFL star apologises after Taylor Swift concert controversy: 'I feel so bad'

Mason Cox, who stands at an impressive 2.11 metres tall is on the hunt for the Swifties who were standing behind him at an Eras show.

An AFL player has issued a public plea to find some girls sitting directly behind him at a Melbourne Taylor Swift concert, after citing that he felt bad his height would have obstructed their view.

Mason Cox, who plays for Collingwood, stands at an impressive 2.11 metres tall, and said he had been hoping for an aisle seat so when he stood at the concert, he wouldn't be in anyone's way.

Unfortunately for Mason (and the girls behind him) he was seated in the middle of a row, with the sports star confessing in a radio interview this morning that he felt absolutely "dreadful" about the situation.

Speaking to Nova 100's Ben, Liam & Belle, he told the radio hosts he had offered the people behind him some chocolate before the show.

Taylor Swift in purple gown on Eras tour and AFL player Mason Cox with friends
AFL player Mason Cox has issued an apology for potentially obstructing the view of the Swifties sitting behind him at the Melbourne concert. Photo: Getty/


“I was like, this is my way of saying I’m sorry and I don’t think it probably was enough,” he said. "I feel so bad with them sitting behind me after paying all the money and everything else and then probably not even seeing Taylor Swift."

Mason Cox Taylor Swift concert
Mason Cox has issued a public plea to find the girls sitting behind him at a Melbourne Taylor Swift concert. Photo:

Mason revealed he turned around to apologise to the Swifties behind him after the concert, after “being a jerk and jumping around like an absolute idiot for the last three and a half hours in front of you” but the girls were already gone.

He's now taken to Instagram and Twitter to put out a call out to find the girls situated behind him, so he can gift them tickets to an AFL game.

People flocked to the comments to wish him well, while others joked it was them.

"That’s so kind of you, hope you find them," one person commented. "That was me...oh wait, I'm in Austin," another said.

And some commenters revealed themselves as the ones sitting behind the giant athlete.

"Hi, yes, that was us, thank you so much for the chocolates!!! Hope u had the best time," one girl commented.

"That was my sister and myself as well as the two girls next to us – thank you again for the chocolates and taking the photo of Molly and I!" another girl said.

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