Abbie Chatfield's new show FBoy Island hit by controversy over casting: 'So sad'

Fans were sad to see there was no body diversity.

Abbie Chatfield's new show FBoy Island has been slammed by fans after the radio and TV host announced the show's cast.

"FINALLY you get to see the three incredible women leading #FBOYISLANDAU Ziara, Sophie and Molly," she shared alongside a photo of herself and the three women.

"I can’t wait for you all to see them call out these FBoys and hold them accountable while still having fun and focusing on finding love. It’s truly amazing to see."

Abbie Chatfield and stars of FBOY Island
Abbie Chatfield's new show FBoy Island has been hit with controversy after the former reality star shared the cast announcement. Photo: Binge

Fans quickly flooded the post's comments, with many sharing their excitement, but others were left disappointed there was no body diversity in the casting, given Abbie's strong stance on diversity and inclusivity in all areas.

"No body diversity," one user wrote. "So sad babe."

"Really was expecting more of a range of body diversity with you being the host Abbie… thought you were inclusivity queen," another said.


"Lol I was excited for this and applied for the show hoping it was going to be inclusive and not another dating show with model body type women (I was hoping if I didn’t get on, I at least wouldn’t feel like shit watching another dating show)," another commented on the post. "Guess I was wrong lmao. And yes I know I don’t have to watch but cmon, 3 years ago I did a uni assignment highlighting that dating shows like this aren’t body-type inclusive. Networks need to do better."

"Always the same body type over and over again," yet another annoyed fan wrote.

"Really sad there isn’t body diversity here," one user added.

Abbie Chatfield responds to fans
Abbie responded to fans on Instagram saying she has 'zero power' over who gets cast. Photo: Instagram

Abbie, who created the body-inclusive clothing label Verbose, responded to the backlash in a comment on the post that read, "I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding of how television shows work. I am contracted by Warner Brothers before casting starts."

She continued: "Absolutely I can speak to production about casting, which I did, but I have zero power in who is cast. Do you blame Osher [Günsberg] for casting on The Bachelor or Sophie Monk for casting on Love Island? As much as I would LOVE to own a network, create cast and produce a show myself, I am hired by the network to host. That is all.

"I don’t know who is in the show until we begin production, at which point we have been casting for months and decisions have been made. The production company and the network have to agree on casting. I don’t have any power in that. There are 3 main GROUPS of people who have to unanimously agree for all major decisions.

Abbie Chatfield Verbose
Abbie has been outspoken about diversity and famously created her label Verbose which stocks sizes 6-26. Photo: Verbose

The host finished by saying, "Me flagging what I would personally like can sway decisions I guess? But at the end of the day I am pretty far down the power structure as a temporary employee. So yes, I would love more body diversity, and yes I flagged it but I have minimal power here, and it isn’t one person’s decision."

Abbie responded to another follower's comment, saying, "Unfortunately I don't control casting in any way, but your comment shows producers of all shows that having body diversity is wanted by the public so I appreciate the comment."


Others were excited, with one user writing, "This is going to be some great viewing. Strong, intelligent women."

Many others said they "couldn't wait" to watch the show.

The 10-episode series will follow Ziara, Sophie and Molly as they help each other on their quest to find love.

The trio will move to a tropical paradise with 24 men where they have to try and uncover the self-proclaimed ‘nice guys’ who are genuinely looking for love and the self-proclaimed ‘FBoys’ who are only there to play the game and win the cash prize.

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