Abbie Chatfield takes aim at Sam Frost after latest move: 'Disgusting'

Abbie Chatfield has blasted Sam Frost after she was featured on the cover of Stellar magazine just a few months on from when she made headlines for her controversial Covid-19 vaccination stance.

The former Home And Away star, who has since confirmed that she is fully vaccinated, posted a tearful video on Instagram back in October admitting that she was hesitant about the jab while also calling out the “segregation" of those who are unvaccinated.

Sam Frost posing.
Abbie Chatfield has slammed Sam Frost after she was featured on a magazine cover. Photo: Instagram/samfrost

Sam has now opened up about the backlash and how it felt being “torn to f**king pieces” by the public, including Abbie and fellow reality TV star Matt Agnew, and said that she doesn’t regret posting it.

“The bullying of unvaccinated people was disgusting,” she said. “Friends I’d had for years stopped talking to me. I never said I didn’t want to get it. I’m not an anti-vaxxer – are you kidding me?

“But I feel it’s quite unreasonable to assume that everyone’s going to think exactly the same way and that people are going to come to the exact same conclusion in the same time frame.”


Speaking on her podcast It’s A Lot on Tuesday, Abbie questioned why Stellar “gave [Sam] a sob story” by putting her on the latest cover.

“I don’t think Stellar should have given her a cover shoot. Her publicist must be working overtime, like, how did she get that?” she remarked in an episode titled ‘WTF? Why Is Sam Frost On A Stellar Cover’.

“I think maybe give her an interview, but making her the cover is like ‘Poor Sam Frost’… Not poor Sam Frost with her anti-vax bulls**t.”

Abbie Chatfield posing.
Abbie Chatfield said it was ‘disgusting’ that Sam was given ‘a sob story’. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

Abbie, who has been a staunch supporter of the vaccine throughout the pandemic, went on to say that it was “disgusting” that Sam had been given an “aesthetic photoshoot and a cover”.

“Why are they acting like she, I don’t know, stood up for a feminist issue that was seen extreme at the time but now everyone’s like, ‘Yes she was right’,” she remarked.

“The more time that goes on, the more proof there is that she was wrong. So why are we now giving her a Stellar cover? Anyway, props to her management.”

Sam’s return to TV

Abbie’s comments come shortly after it was announced that Sam would be making her return to Aussie TV following her shock exit from Home and Away.

The 32-year-old, who quit the Channel Seven soap opera in December, will star in the series My Road to Adventure alongside her sister Kris Ross.

“We are so excited to join the My Road to Adventure crew again - and this time we'll be making the trek to the Great Ocean Rd in Victoria,” Sam told the Herald Sun.

“The Great Ocean Road means a lot to our family and holds a special place in my heart. I can't wait to revisit.”

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