Abbie Chatfield shocks by revealing how much influencers really earn

Abbie Chatfield has spilled some secrets about how much influencers really earn.

Speaking candidly to her Instagram followers on Wednesday, The Masked Singer star admitted that having a large following doesn’t always translate into a big payday.

L: Abbie Chatfield at the Logie Awards red carpet smiling with her mouth open. R: Abbie Chatfield takes a selfie in just lingerie
Abbie Chatfield has opened up about how much influencers earn. Photo: Getty & Instagram/abbiechatfield

“Pricing for influencers usually changes [depending] on impressions or profile, not just on followers. It really varies from person to person, and is kind of what the influencer wants to charge, not what you offer them,” she said.

The star then explained that ‘alignment’ is also important, because the audience that the influencer has will affect sales for the product.

“For example, if you have [fitness influencer] Steph Claire Smith promoting your activewear brand, that would do much better than someone even with double her followers who is a, I don’t know, a comedian, right?”


The radio host shot to fame when appearing on The Bachelor, and quickly turned her notoriety into cash — boasting over 410,000 followers on Instagram.

After more reality TV appearances, her own podcast, radio show, and fashion label, the star is in hot demand.

Abbie Chatfield smiles at the camera in a corset
Abbie has used her fame to land brand deals and career opportunities. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

Abbie explained that her recent campaign with Canesten, which treats thrush, was the perfect alignment for the brand.

“My Canesten campaign last year, that was amazing, I loved doing it. But the thing is, there aren’t many people with the followers that I have in Australia, that are also in mainstream media that are going to want to talk about thrush over and over again, you know?”

“I also have to do media interviews all the time. So, I need to be comfortable talking about thrush to TV Week or whatever in order to get that brand deal,” she finished.

Abbie's sex struggle

The influencer is no stranger to talking about X-rated topics, and recently opened up about her struggle with a sex act.

Talking to adult actress Charlotte Star on her It’s A Lot podcast, Abbie admitted that she finds performing oral sex on women difficult.

“I am bi right, but I’m really bad at that. So I was thinking of getting a sex worker, just to have sex with her and do it like a learning experience,” she explained.

The star is currently in an open relationship with boyfriend Konrad Bien-Stephens, and has been honest with fans about how the pair are free to pursue other sexual relationships.

Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bien-Stephen smile for the camera against a pink background.
The star is in an open relationship with Konrad Bień-Stephen. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

While Abbie was embarrassed by her admission during the chat, many fans have now reassured her that it definitely is commonplace.

“It’s really, really common actually. One of the places I used to work, we had quite a few bookings for exactly that! No shame in the game babes,” one person commented.

“It is actually pretty common for people to hire sex workers for such things, but I also recommend trying putting ‘wanting to practice’ in an online dating profile on Her! You’ll definitely get some people interested in helping you upskill,” another advised.

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