Abbie Chatfield shares 'hot' bikini snaps: 'You're welcome'

"Hot girl winter!"

Abbie Chatfield has taken to Instagram to share 'hot' bikini snaps with her followers ahead of the TV WEEK Logies on Sunday.

The TV and radio presenter took to Instagram to upload a video and photo of herself in a gold bikini during a recent trip to Perth, writing: "Honestly I just found these hot photos I took of myself in Perth so I thought I would share. Ur welcome (sic)."

Abbie Chatfield poses in gold bikini
Abbie Chatfield stunned her Instagram followers with 'hot' bikini snaps ahead of the Logies on Sunday night. Photo: Instagram/Abbie Chatfield

"Hot girl winter!" one user wrote.

"Abbie you look AMAZING," another said.

"Can you teach me how to be this hot like, can you run a masterclass pls," a third joked. "You have my enrolment."


"Shiny like a gold Logie," someone else said, while others asked for workout tips.

"I have the same outfit. Which I use for formal functions," one user joked.

"Metermaid energy," another said.

Abbie Chatfield poses for mirror selfie in gold bikini
One follower jokingly asked for Abbie to do a masterclass in 'how to be this hot'. Photo: Instagram/Abbie Chatfield

"If your radio career ends, you'll have no trouble getting work as a Gold Coast Meter Maid, you look fantastic," someone else added.

It comes after the presenter joked that she was nervous about "how hot" she will look at the Logies on Sunday.


"Actually worried for how hot I'm going to look at the Logies next week," Conservative media is going to flip LMAO."

She followed up, adding: "As we know my t*ts get like 2 cup sizes bigger during my period, and it's probs going to come this week so... get ready for peak period t*tties on TV. Nip slip likely x."

The former reality star will be presenting an award on-stage at the event.

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