Abbie Chatfield blasts 'disgusting' video of men ranking women

Abbie Chatfield has slammed a group of men who have been seen in video footage ranking women as they walk past.

Speaking about the video on her podcast and sharing a video to her Instagram account, the former Bachelor star described the men as "f***ing disgusting".

Abbie Chatfield poses for selfie
Abbie Chatfield has slammed a group of men who were caught on video ranking women on the street. Photo: Instagram/Abbie Chatfield

"We are again asking, where do men find THE AUDACITY???" the caption read. "Ranking women as they walk past? It’s disgusting and gross."

In the video, Abbie begins, "Your joke is ranking women as they go past!"


The footage then shows a group of men holding up signs and ranking a woman, who tells them, "Do you know how uncomfortable that makes people feel? Rating women as they run past?"

She adds, "Do your workplaces and families mind sexists?"

The men continue holding up their ratings and one yells sarcastically, "I'm a feminist!"

Men rank women
One of the men tried to cover his face with his sign after they were asked if their families and workplaces mind sexists. Photo: Instagram/It's A Lot podcast

Abbie then unleashes, "I bet they sit around, and the go, 'Oi, chicks but. Shouldn't we as men, as visual creatures, be allowed to rank them, because we're visual, mate.'"

Pretending to be a second man, she adds, "'Yeah, you know, dude, totally. Like we deserve to have a say in how they look, because like, it's not insulting, like it's just what I think of you. I think you're a f***ing two. Like, I'm not being a complete f***ing a***hole about it! Like, I'm not going to give you a f***ing zero!'"

She continued, "That's who they are, anyway, there's not much more to say other than it's f***ing disgusting and gross."

Many of Abbie's followers also slammed the men with one user writing, "I want the confidence of a mediocre white man."

Abbie Chatfield on her podcast
Abbie pretended to be two men discussing whether it was OK to rank women on their looks. Photo: Instagram/It's A Lot podcast

"I don’t get why they feel immune consequence…" another added.

"Even with their faces blurred I can tell they’re all 2’s," a third joked.

"They have no idea how unsafe it makes women feel. But I f***ing know they’re the first to scream, 'Not all men,' all over their socials," someone else wrote.

According to the ABC, the three men were seen rating female joggers out of 10 as they ran along Scarborough Beach in Perth.

The woman who initially shared the video, Elizabeth, told the publication that she shamed the men publicly because she knew other women might be too scared to do so.

"I thought about friends, and my sisters and other women who might not ever want to go for a run again after feeling so scared and embarrassed by these guys, and I just didn't want it to happen to other people," she said.

"But I think this behaviour needs to get called out because I don't think these guys know what they're doing makes people feel uncomfortable, I think they need to hear that from us," she added. "Otherwise it'll just continue."

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