Faked? The Bachelor’s Rachael says scandal was ‘a lot different to what happened’

Holly Hales
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Rachael's exit from The Bachelor was a dramatic one. Photo: Channel 10

Rachael Arahill’s banishment from The Bachelor on Wednesday night was one of the blockbuster series’ most dramatic moments yet.

After giving her phone number to a member of crew, the 23-year-old was confronted by a heated Matt Agnew who swiftly requested she leave the mansion.

But now Rachael’s told Yahoo Lifestyle most of the spectacle was in fact staged, as her Plan B - the man she had developed feelings for - wasn’t even on set when the commotion took place.

Behind The Bachelor’s scenes

“It was actually a lot different to what happened in the episode,” she said.

“I was upstairs in hair and makeup the whole time [before the cocktail party], I didn’t give anyone my number and Plan B wasn’t even there that day.

“So I don’t even know how Matt got the number if it was another girl who gave someone another number or what, but they didn’t even give it to the right person.”

Rachael went on to explain her confrontation with the astrophysicist - who she earlier admitted wasn’t her type - happened after she decided to leave the mansion on her own accord.

“When I told the girls I was leaving I joked about leaving [Plan B] my number - whether I said that with my microphone on and [the crew] got that idea or one of the girls somehow got it, I actually don’t know.

“I didn’t even know about the phone number until a week ago...so I guess it was just a bit of fun for the producers really.”

And despite fellow contestant Mary Viturino being the one to tell Matt about Rachael’s advances towards Plan B, she may have actually had a built-in back-up plan of her own.

Rachael said Matt’s reaction her off-screen exploits were a little dramatic — acknowledging they ‘barely spoke’ during filming. Photo: Channel 10

“There was one camera guy who Mary had as her Plan B - so talk about double standards,” she said.

Matt’s response

The ex-contestant also responded to reports Matt’s reaction to her off-screen exploits were a little dramatic — acknowledging they ‘barely spoke’ during filming.

“I definitely think Matt overreacted but I don’t know if he actually cared too much or if that was all a show,” she said.

“He had 26 other girls and he barely spoke to me, it could have been a facade to make himself look like the victim.

Rachael is now casually seeing fellow contestant Vakdoo. Photo: Instagram/rachaelarahill/

“I just said ‘stop acting like you’re into me when you’re obviously not.’”

But following her stint seeking Matt’s affections, Rachael has very much moved on with fellow contestant Vakoo Kauapirura, but things are far from being serious.

“We’re very casual at the moment, don’t want to be locking myself down like that,” she says of the relationship.

“I’m going to do whatever I want to do, let’s be real.”

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