'I would try to kiss her in the house' The truth behind those Bachelor photos

Bianca Soldani
Wednesday night's episode of The Bachelor Australia was all about Rachael's crush with a producer. Photo: Ten

When photos of Bachie stars Vakoo Kauapirura and Rachael Arahill getting all up close and personal emerged this week, many fans of the show were blindsided.

The promos for this week’s episodes were spruiking a budding romance between Rachael and an unnamed producer - but there’s more to that story than meets the eye.

It turns out it wasn’t even Rachael who put her number in that producer’s pocket - who was, by the way, the man responsible for caring for (and bunking with) Matt Agnew at the Bach pad - and that their ‘crush’ was nothing more than a little unrequited flirting on her part.

He already had a girlfriend, and Rachael confessed to KIISFM’s Kyle and Jackie O, that while he put up with her flirting, it wasn’t exactly reciprocated by him.

Instead, the real connection she made on the show was with fellow contestant and super hot babe Vakoo, who Rachael has described on Instagram as “my soul mate”.

The Bachelor stars Vakoo and Rachael were seen kissing recently. Photo: Diimex

The pair were recently photographed kissing on a dinner date, with Rachael revealing it’s still early days for the couple but that they’re enjoying each other’s company.

“It’s very casual at the moment,” she said, explaining that it’s the first same sex experience for both of them.

As she put it, “There’s nothing wrong with swinging both ways, dabbling in a bit of everything”.

“We’ve definitely been seeing what’s happening and exploring I guess,” she said.

“It’s pretty new, we’re just taking it slow.”

Vakoo also rang into the show saying she had her eye on the blonde while they were in the mansion together.

Rachael made an appearance on Vakoo's Instagram stories on Wednesday night, perhaps they were watching Bachie together. Photo: Instagram/Vakoo Kauapirura

“In the house, Rachael just had this vibe,” she said, “There was something different about her so I would always try to get her to kiss me in the house and she would never do it!”

Things changed on the outside however when the model approached Rachael and they started hanging out.

“We kinda just kissed one night at her house, a drunken kiss, and then it kinda just led to that,” she said.

Rachael has since made an appearance on Vakoo’s Instagram stories, where the model is seen stroking Rachael’s hair as she lays on her lap.

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