The x-rated activity the Bachelor girls got up to behind Matt's back

Bianca Soldani
Abbie and Matt Agnew pictured on The Bachelor Australia
The Bachie girls have a lot of waiting around to do in the mansion, and they filled some of that time by showing each other their lady bits. Photo: Ten

With only two dates and a rose ceremony each week, there’s a lot of sitting around inside of The Bachelor mansion as the lovely ladies wait for some time with Matt Agnew.

But according to newly eliminated contestant Rachael Arahill, the contestants weren’t just lazing about on the couch, eating heavily branded tubs of ice-cream the entire time.

Speaking to KIISFM’s Kyle and Jackie O on Thursday morning, the 23-year-old confessed they did something a whole lot more explicit, and took to comparing each others’ lady bits at one point in time.

Owning up to being the mastermind of this unusual pastime, Rachael said all the stars got involved and ranked her own vag as the best in the mansion - followed closely by bookie-favourite Chelsie McLeod.

“It was actually so interesting to see all the different shapes and sizes!”

The Bachelor Australia's Vakoo and Rachael pictured together
It's official, Rachael and Vakoo are indeed dating. Photo: Instagram/Rachael Arahill

Vakoo romance

Rachael also went into detail about the photos that were recently circulated of her kissing fellow bachelorette Vakoo Kauapirura, saying that yes, they are currently seeing each other.

While it’s still early days, Rachael said it’s all “very casual at the moment” and it’s the first same sex experience for both of them.

As she put it, “There’s nothing wrong with swinging both ways, dabbling in a bit of everything”.

Elaborating a little more to Triple M Sydney’s Moonman In The Morning, Rachael explained that Vakoo was the one to make the first move.

“It’s definitely on,” she said, “It just happened recently, at my house, hanging out drinking...”

“I’m a bit frigid I’ll be honest, she definitely started it.”

The truth about that producer

Rachael’s time on The Bachelor came to an abrupt end last night when Matt asked her to leave the mansion after discovering she had given her number to a crew member.

It turns out that crew member was Matt’s ‘flatmate’ (the guy responsible for caring for him at the Bach pad) and he already had a girlfriend and wasn’t exactly reciprocating Rachael’s flirtatious moves.

Rachael pictured on The Bachelor Australia
Rachael said she was only being flirty with the producer in question and that he didn't really reciprocate. Photo: Ten

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