6 Christmas-themed sex positions to try these holidays

Christmas is the season for giving and receiving, so there is no better time to try some festive sex positions with your partner.

And we promise, there is no mistletoe required.

woman dress for christmas
A bit of dress up in the bedroom wouldn't go astray either. Photo: Getty

Different positions are one of the simplest ways for couples to mix things up in the bedroom, sexologist Chantelle Otten explained in a piece for Body & Soul.

"It’s easy for couples to become comfortable and just stick to the same few positions during sex," she wrote.

"Trying new positions is a great way to mix things up, increase your pleasure in the bedroom and boost your sexual confidence. Trying diversified positions, you change up your love game to the point where you may feel different emotions and sensations within the bedroom."


With that in mind we asked Womanizer sex and relationship therapist Pamela Supple for some Christmas-themed sex-piration, and while some of these positions may seem familiar, she's put a holiday spin on them.

couple having sex
You can put a festive spin on plenty of fun sex positions. Photo: Getty

Mrs Clause

Get Mr Clause to lie on his back as you straddle his body. Support your arms on his chest and slide rhythmically up and down as you alternate between shallow and deep thrusts.

One Wise Man

A wise man knows that using a pleasure product such as a vibrator really turns up the heat. Both of you take turns in stimulating your pleasure bauble to take you on a sleigh ride to a high intensity orgasm.

Present Wrap

Get your partner to sit cross legged and sit in his lap facing towards him as you wrap your legs around him. Hold each other tight and rock back and forth to some sexy slow Christmas music – this intimate position will certainly be a present you both won’t forget.

couple undressing
Spice things up with your partner this Christmas. Photo: Getty

Not-So-Silent Night

This position will almost guarantee a not-so-silent night. Cuddle whilst lying on your sides with your back facing his chest, lift your thigh for easy access for a smooth, slow, and sexy night. While you find a pace that suits, turn up the heat slightly and add a sex toy.

Jingle Bells

It’s jingle all the way with this sultry and sensual position. Raise your legs in the air, lying back on the bed as your partner enters you. Cross your ankles behind his head for extra support and use your hands to explore your bodies. You can also add a vibrator into the mix.

Christmas Pudding

Meanwhile, Chantelle told Body & Soul your "celebrations aren't complete" without this oral sex option. "To achieve this position, one partner lies on their back with their head hanging over the edge of the bed while the other partner stands facing them with their thighs resting either side of their partner's head."

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